Study of Beelzebub's Tales




16 The Relative Understanding of Time


“In any case, for the further elucidation of the strangeness of the psyche of those three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, you must know this also, that in the beginning, after the organ Kundabuffer with all its properties had been removed from their presences, the duration of their existence was according to the ‘Fulasnitamnian’ principle, that is to say, they were obliged to exist until there was coated in them and completely perfected by reason what is called the ‘body-Kesdjan,’ or, as they themselves later began to name this being-part of theirs—of which, by the way, contemporary beings know only by hearsay—the ‘Astral-body.’


28 The Chief Culprit in the Destruction of All the Very Saintly Labors of Ashiata Shiemash


“The second kind of Hasnamuss-individual is that Kesdjan body of a three-brained being which is coated in his common presence with the participation of that same something and which, acquiring—as is proper to such a cosmic arising—the property of ‘Toorinoorino,’ that is, nondecomposition in any sphere of that planet on which he arose, has to exist, by being formed again and again in a certain way, such as he is, until this certain something will have been eliminated from him.


“For the second kind of Hasnamuss-individual, that is, when the Kesdjan-body of a three-brained being becomes such, the corresponding consequences are that such an indeed unfortunate arising, freed from the planetary body of a three-brained being, on the one hand not having the possibility of perfecting himself independently of and without a planetary coating, does not succeed in eliminating from his presence this maleficent something even not always acquired by his own fault, which something is always and with everything in the Universe an obstacle for the correct flowing of the common cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process; on the other hand, owing to the property in him of Toorinoorino, that is, not being subject to decomposition in any sphere of that solar system in which he is formed, he must inevitably be again coated in a planetary body and in most cases with the exterior form of a being of one- or two-brained system; and in view of the brevity in general of the duration of beings of these planetary forms and also not having time to adapt himself to a single exterior form, he must constantly begin all over again in the form of another being of the planet with the full uncertainty as to the result of this coating.


29 The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary


“You remember that when I explained to you how these favorites of yours define the ‘flow-of-time’ I said that when the organ Kundabuffer with all its properties was removed from their presences, and they began to have the same duration of existence as all normal three-brained beings arising everywhere in our Universe, that is, according to what is called the Fulasnitamnian principle, they also should then have existed without fail until their ‘second-being-body-Kesdjan’ had been completely coated in them and finally perfected by Reason up to the sacred ‘Ischmetch.’


32 Hypnotism


Hanbledzoïn is nothing else than the ‘blood’ of the Kesdjan body of the being; just as the cosmic substances called in totality blood serve for nourishing and renewing the planetary body of the being, so also Hanbledzoïn serves in the same way for nourishing and perfecting the body Kesdjan.


“It is necessary to tell you that in general the quality of the composition of the blood in three-brained beings and also in the common presences of your favorites depends on the number of the being-bodies already ‘completely formed.’


“Blood in the presences of three-brained beings may be composed of substances arising through the transformation of three separate independent what are called ‘general-cosmic-sources-of-actualizing.’


“The substances of that part of the being-blood which is designed by Nature for serving the planetary body of the being arise by means of the transformation of substances of that planet on which the given beings are formed and exist.


“But the substances which are designed for serving the Kesdjan body of the being, the totality of which is called Hanbledzoïn, are obtained from the transformation of elements of other planets and of the sun itself of that system, where the given three-brained being has the place of his arising and existence.


“Finally, that part of the being-blood which almost everywhere is called the sacred being-Hanbledzoïn, and only on certain planets is called the ‘sacred Aiësakhaldan,’ and which part serves the highest part of the being called the soul, is formed from the direct emanations of our Most Holy Sun Absolute.


“Substances required for the blood of the planetary body of the being enter into them through their ‘first-being-food,’ or, as your favorites say, ‘through food.’


“But the substances needed both for coating and for perfecting the higher-being-body-Kesdjan enter into their common presences through their, as they say, ‘breathing,’ and through certain what are called ‘pores’ of their skin.


“At the beginning, after the destruction of the organ Kundabuffer, when they, like all the other three-brained beings of our Great Universe also began to have a ‘Fulasnitamnian-existence,’ this second-being-food was normally transformed and all the fundamental elements proper to it, those which arise from the transformation of their own planet and those which flow into their atmosphere from the transformation in other concentrations of their solar system, were assimilated by their common presence according to the definite data already present in them, and the superfluity of certain of its component elements not used by individual beings automatically passed, as in us, into the possession of the surrounding meritorious beings similar to them.


“But later when, as I have already said, most of them began to exist in a way unbecoming to three-brained beings, Great Nature was constrained to change their Fulasnitamnian-existence into an existence according to the principle of Itoklanoz, and when gradually in the presences of most of them those definite crystallizations foreseen by Great Nature—which crystallizations are the most important part of the composition of the second-being-food, and which when assimilated by beings are transformed into substances for the coating and for the further perfecting of their higher-body-Kesdjan—ceased, owing to their abnormal being-existence, to be assimilated either consciously or automatically for the purpose indicated, then in consequence of this and also because the afflux of these substances, transformed in other concentrations and getting into the atmospheres of the planets, continued all the time to flow into the atmosphere of your planet, the result was that on this ill-fated planet, among your unfortunate favorites, there arose still another definite ‘disease’ which has already become quite definite in its harmful action upon them.


34 Russia


“In my opinion, it will do no harm here, apropos, to tell you that that being-experiencing of theirs which is excellently characterized by the words, ‘vainly-to-grow-sincerely-indignant,’ also appears to be one of the unfortunate particularities of the psyche of these ill-fated three-brained beings who please you, especially of the contemporary ones.


“Thanks only to this psychic abnormality, there gradually become more deranged in their common presences many functionings, both of their planetary body, already deranged without this, and of their ‘body-Kesdjan’—if of course this second being-body is already coated in them and has attained to the required, what is called, ‘individuality.’


38 Religion


“That process is called the sacred Almznoshinoo by means of which three-centered beings who have themselves already had time to coat and to bring their own body Kesdjan up to completed functioning and to a definite degree of Reason, intentionally produce the coating or, as it is otherwise said, the ‘materialization’ of the body Kesdjan of any being already entirely destroyed, to such a density that this body acquires again for a certain time the possibility of manifesting in certain of its functions proper to its former planetary body.


“This sacred process can be produced upon the body Kesdjan of that being who also during his existence had brought his higher being-body up to the completed functioning, and in whom, in addition, the Reason of this body had been brought up to the degree called the sacred ‘being-Mirozinoo.’


“In our Great Universe, besides the process of the intentional coating of the being-body Kesdjan of an already destroyed being, another process exists called the most sacred ‘Djerymetly.’

“And this most sacred process consists in this, that when there is intentionally first produced the coating of the highest being-body, namely, the ‘body of the soul,’ only afterwards, as in the first case, is the sacred Almznoshinoo produced.


“It is possible of course to produce both these processes only in that case, if such higher-being bodies are still in those spheres contactable by the sphere of that planet on which these ‘sacred sacraments’ are produced.


“And in addition, these formations evoked intentionally and consciously by definite beings can exist and maintain connection and communication with them only as long as the beings who produce these formations, consciously feed the body Kesdjan with their own sacred ‘Aiësakhaldan.’


“Thus, those six remaining members of the small ‘group-of-Seven’ might have had recourse to this same sacred process Almznoshinoo for communication with the Reason of their destroyed chief, if they, having foreseen the possibility of this sudden decease of their chief, had made beforehand while he still existed a certain preparation, necessary for completing this process.


“In order that you may understand about the essence of this preparation for the sacred process, the sacrament Almznoshinoo, it is necessary for you to know about two particular properties of the ‘being-Hanbledzoïn,’ i.e., the ‘blood’ of the being-body Kesdjan.


“The first of these properties of the being-Hanbledzoïn consists in this, that, if any part of it be separated and removed, then wherever and however far it may be taken, a ‘threadlike connection’ is formed between this part and the fundamental concentration of all this cosmic substance, in such a way that this connection is formed of this same substance, and its density and thickness increase and diminish proportionately with the distance between the fundamental concentration of this substance and its separated part.


“And the second particular property of this Hanbledzoïn consists in this, that when it is introduced into the fundamental concentration of this substance and has mixed with this primordial concentration, it is distributed in it everywhere in uniform densities and in uniform quantities, wherever the given concentration may be and in whatever quantity this same Hanbledzoïn may accidentally or intentionally be introduced.


“And so, in consequence of the fact that the body Kesdjan of the being is coated with those substances which in their totality make this cosmic formation much lighter than that mass of cosmic substances which surrounds the planets and is called the planetary atmosphere, then as soon as the body Kesdjan of the being is separated from the planetary body of the being, it at once rises according to the cosmic law called ‘Tenikdoa,’ or as it is sometimes called the ‘law of gravity,’ to that sphere in which it finds the weight proper to it equally balanced and which is therefore the corresponding place of such cosmic arisings; then, in consequence of all this, the preliminary preparation consists in this, that beforehand, still during the planetary existence of that being, on the body Kesdjan of whom it is intended after his decease to produce the sacrament of the sacred Almznoshinoo, a particle of his Hanbledzoïn must be taken and this particle must be either kept in some corresponding surplanetary formation, or be introduced into those beings themselves who produce this ‘ritual,’ and intentionally blend with the Hanbledzoïn of their own body Kesdjan.


“In this way, when the three-brained perfected being foredesigned for this sacrament Almznoshinoo ceases his planetary existence, and his body Kesdjan is separated from his planetary body, then thanks to the first particular property of this being-Hanbledzoïn that connection begins to be established about which I have just told you, between the given body Kesdjan and that place where the particle of his Hanbledzoïn was preserved beforehand or those beings who intentionally coated this particle in their own bodies Kesdjan.


“In order to be clear in our subsequent talks upon this question, you must now be told just here that the said connection—one end of which is kept in the body Kesdjan which has risen to its corresponding sphere and the other end of which stays either within those surplanetary formations in which the particle from the general mass of the Hanbledzoïn of the given body Kesdjan was fixed, or in those beings who intentionally blended the Hanbledzoïn of the given body Kesdjan with the Hanbledzoïn of their own body Kesdjan—can exist in space only for a limited period, namely, only until the completion of the appointed movement of that planet, on which the given being had arisen, around its sun.


“And at the beginning of such a new completing movement the said threads completely disappear.


“And they disappear because, in the atmosphere surrounding all planets, the evolution and the involution of cosmic substances required for the great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat in accordance with the fundamental sacred cosmic law Heptaparaparshinokh, again commence flowing only for the Trogoautoegocratic process of local character, i.e., within the limits of the given solar system’s what is called ‘own activity’ and in consequence of which all, without exception, of the cosmic substances which happen to be in the given atmosphere during the period of this movement, and among them the said connections also, are immediately transformed into those cosmic substances which must be present in these atmospheres.


“So, my boy! Until these completed movements have come to an end, those beings existing on planets who either have in themselves a particle of the Hanbledzoïn of any body Kesdjan or have at their disposal the surplanetary formation in which that part of the Hanbledzoïn was fixed, can—assuming, of course, that they have all the corresponding data for carrying it out—at any time attract such a body back to the sphere of the solid part of the planet, and saturating it to the condensation corresponding to their own Hanbledzoïn, in this way establish relations with the Reason of that already completedly formed independent cosmic unit.


“And this attraction or as it is sometimes said ‘materialization’ is produced, as I have already told you, by means of what is called ‘Vallikrin,’ that is by the conscious injection in a certain way of one’s own Hanbledzoïn into the ends of these connections.


“Several times, even before this Tibetan case, this sacred process Almznoshinoo had already been produced on your planet by the three-centered beings of different periods, and about the information concerning these sacred processes of former times, several Legominisms existed.


“It was through these Legominisms also that this small group of Tibetan beings already knew all the details of the procedure relating to this sacred process, and of course they also knew about the need of the special preliminary preparation for it.


“But having now no other possibility of learning all the secret sacraments, except only by attempting to enter into relations with the Reason of their deceased chief, they decided to try to carry out this sacred sacrament upon the body Kesdjan of their former chief, even without the said preliminary preparation.


“And so, owing to this risk of theirs, that proceeded there which served as the cause of the mentioned great misfortune.


“As my further investigations showed me, this great misfortune occurred in the following way:


“When these six ‘great initiates’ still existing with their planetary existence began by twos in turns uninterruptedly for three days and three nights to produce upon the planetary body of their former chief the process Vallikrin, that is, the inpouring of their own Hanbledzoïn into this body, then, because of the absence of the said preliminary preparation of the connection with his body Kesdjan, their Hanbledzoïn did not go to the actualization where it should have gone, but only accumulated chaotically over this planetary body of their former chief; and since, unfortunately for them, during these same days, a reinforced blending of the sacred active element Okidanokh was proceeding in the atmosphere above that locality, or as the beings say there, there were ‘great thunderstorms,’ then, between these two cosmic ‘results,’ still only in the process of transition from one definite cosmic phenomenon to another, a what is called ‘Sobrionolian contact’ resulted.


“And it was thanks to that contact there, on that small area of that ill-starred planet, that that accelerated cosmic phenomenon resulted called ‘Noughtounichtono,’ that is to say, the sudden and instantaneous evolution of all cosmic formed crystallizations, and, namely, all the neighboring surplanetary formations, were immediately transformed into the prime-source substance Etherokrilno.


“This Sobrionolian contact, or as it would be said on your planet Earth this ‘explosion,’ was so powerful that during this Noughtounichtono there, everything without any exception was transformed into Etherokrilno, both the planetary body of the chief of this small group of beings as well as all the six other brethren there who had completed this sacred sacrament, and likewise in general all the spiritualized or only concentrated surplanetary formations which were in the given region within an area of one ‘Shmana,’ or as your favorites would say ‘one square kilometer.’


“Among these destroyed formations, reproduced both naturally as well as artificially by the beings, there were also all the what are called ‘books’ which belonged to these seven terrestrial genuine great initiated beings, and other things which had served as means for keeping in memory everything concerning all the three genuine Sacred Individuals intentionally actualized from Above, and, namely, Saint Krishnatkharna, Saint Buddha, and Saint Lama.


“At this moment I am considering that it will be very, very useful for your Reason if I tell you more about a certain event connected also with the sacrament of the sacred Almznoshinoo which concerns that Sacred Individual the conception of whom was actualized among your favorites and who, having become formed, was named ‘Jesus Christ.’


“The point is, that when this Sacred Individual Jesus Christ was actualized in the planetary body of a terrestrial three-brained being, and when afterwards He had to be separated from his exterior planetary coating, then just this same sacred process ‘Almznoshinoo’ was also produced on his body Kesdjan by certain terrestrial three-brained beings in order to have the possibility—in view of the violent interruption of his planetary existence—of continuing to communicate with his Divine Reason and of obtaining in this way the information about certain cosmic Truths and certain instructions for the future which he did not finish giving them.


“The information about what is called ‘the Lord’s Supper’ given in the ‘noted totality,’ still existing today among your contemporary favorites, representing as it were the real accurate history of this Sacred Individual, and which is called by them the ‘Holy Writ,’ was nothing else but a preparation for the great sacrament Almznoshinoo on the body Kesdjan of Saint Jesus Christ.


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“And so, my boy, when similar coatings of previously coated Tetartocosmoses were completed and began to function correspondingly, then from that time on they ceased calling them Tetartocosmoses and began to call them ‘beings,’ which then meant ‘two-natured,’ and these same second coatings alone began to be called ‘bodies-Kesdjan.’


“Now when in this new part of these ‘two-natured-formations’ everything corresponding was acquired, and when all that functioning which it is proper to such cosmic arisings to have was finally established, then these same new formations in their turn on exactly the same basis as in the first case and also under the conditions of a certain kind of change of functioning, began to absorb and assimilate into themselves such cosmic substances as had their arising immediately from the Most Most Holy Theomertmalogos, and similarities of a third kind began to be coated in them which are the ‘higher sacred-parts’ of beings and which we now call ‘higher being-bodies.’


“At first on the planet itself the ‘second-being-body,’ i.e., the body-Kesdjan, together with the ‘third-being-body’ separate themselves from the ‘fundamental-planetary-body’ and, leaving this planetary body on the planet, rise both together to that sphere where those cosmic substances—from the localizations of which the body-Kesdjan of a being arises—have their place of concentration.


“And only there, at the end of a certain time, does the principal and final sacred Rascooarno occur to this two-natured arising, after which such a ‘higher being-part’ indeed becomes an independent individual with its own individual Reason. Previously—i.e., before the Choot-God-Litanical period—this sacred cosmic actualization was, only after this second process of the sacred Rascooarno, either thought worthy of uniting with the presence of our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute or went into other cosmic concentrations where such independent holy Individuals were needed.


“And if at the moment of the approach of the final process of the sacred Rascooarno these cosmic arisings had not yet attained to the required gradation of Reason of the sacred scale of Reason, then this higher being-part had to exist in the said sphere until it had perfected its Reason to the required degree.


“It is impossible not to take notice here of that objective terror which occurs to the already risen higher-being-parts, who, owing to all results in new cosmic processes unforeseen from Above, have not yet perfected themselves up to the necessary gradations of Reason.


“The point is, that according to various second-grade cosmic laws, the ‘being-body-Kesdjan’ cannot exist long in this sphere, and at the end of a certain time this second being-part must decompose, irrespective of whether the higher being-part existing within it had by that time attained the requisite degree of Reason; and in view of the fact that as long as this higher being-part does not perfect its Reason to the requisite degree, it must always be dependent upon some Kesdjanian arising or other, therefore immediately after the second sacred Rascooarno every such still unperfected higher being-body gets into a state called ‘Techgekdnel’ or ‘searching-for-some-other-similar-two-natured-arising-corresponding-to-itself so that when the higher part of this other two-natured arising perfects itself to the required degree of Reason and the final process of the sacred Rascooarno occurs to it, and the speedy disintegration of its Kesdjan body is not yet clearly sensed, this higher being-body might instantly enter this other body Kesdjan and continue to exist in it for its further perfection, which perfection must sooner or later be inevitably accomplished by every arisen higher being-body.


“And that is why, in that sphere to where the higher being-part goes after the first sacred Rascooarno, that process proceeds called ‘Okipkhalevnian-exchange-of-the-external-part-of-the-soul’ or ‘exchange-of-the-former-being-body-Kesdjan.’


“Now as regards the first two lower being-bodies, namely the planetary-body and the body-Kesdjan, then, after the first sacred Rascooarno of a being, his planetary body, being formed of Microcosmoses or of crystallizations transformed on that planet itself, gradually decomposes and disintegrates there on that same planet, according to a certain second-grade cosmic law called ‘Again-Tarnotoltoor,’ into its own primordial substances from which it obtained its arising.


“As regards the second-being-body, namely, the body-Kesdjan, this body, being formed of radiations of other concentrations of Tritocosmoses and of the Sun itself of the given solar system, and having entered after the second process of the sacred Rascooarno into the sphere just mentioned, also begins gradually to decompose, and the crystallizations of which it is composed go in various ways into the sphere of its own primordial arisings.


“But the higher being-body itself, being formed of crystallizations received directly from the sacred Theomertmalogos into the solar system within the limits of which the being arises and where his existence proceeds, can never decompose; and this ‘higher part’ must exist in the given solar system as long as it does not perfect itself to the required Reason, to just that Reason which makes similar cosmic formations what are called ‘Irankipaekh,’ i.e., such formations of the mentioned Most Most Sacred substances as can exist and be independent of Kesdjanian arisings and at the same time not be subject to what are called ‘painful’ influences from any external cosmic factors whatsoever.


“And so, my boy, as I have already told you, after these cosmic arisings had perfected their Reason to the necessary gradation of the sacred scale of Reason, they were in the beginning taken onto the Sun Absolute for the fulfillment of roles predestined for them by our CREATOR ENDLESSNESS.


“The first highest kind of being-Reason is the ‘pure’ or objective Reason which is proper only to the presence of a higher being-body or to the common presences of the bodies themselves of those three-brained beings in whom this higher part has already arisen and perfected itself, and then only when it is the, what is called, ‘center-of-gravity-initiator-of-the-individual-functioning’ of the whole presence of the being.


“The second being-Reason, which is named ‘Okiartaaitokhsa,’ can be in the presences of those three-brained beings, in whom their second-being-body-Kesdjan’ is already completely coated and functions independently.


“As regards the third kind of being-Reason, this is nothing else but only the action of the automatic functioning which proceeds in the common presences of all beings in general and also in the presences of all surplanetary definite formations, thanks to repeated shocks coming from outside, which evoke habitual reactions from the data crystallized in them corresponding to previous accidentally perceived impressions.


“For this help coming from outside, Great Nature in the given case most wisely adapted the inner organization of beings in such a manner that the substances which had to enter into the common presences of beings for the coating and feeding of their second being-bodies Kesdjan, namely, that totality of cosmic substances which your favorites call air, might at the same time serve as just such a help coming from outside for the evolution of the substances of the first being-food.


“And so… from the very beginning, when these higher being-parts arose in this way and were perfected in beings to the required sacred gradation of Objective Reason, that is to say, when in accordance with the lower Mdnel-In of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, the body-Kesdjan was, thanks to the second being-food formed in beings, and in accordance with the higher Mdnel-In of the same sacred law, the third highest being-body was, thanks to the third being-food, coated and perfected; and when these completely perfected higher being-parts were divided from the lower being-parts, then they were deemed worthy to be immediately united with the Most Most Holy Prime-Source and began to fulfill their Divine foreordained purpose.


42 Beelzebub in America


“Do you remember, when I spoke to you about that ‘maleficent means’ existing there at the present time called ‘sport,’ I said that the duration of the existence of these favorites of yours was in the beginning also Fulasnitamnian, that is to say, they had to exist until their body Kesdjan was completely coated in them and perfected up to the required gradation of Reason, and that afterwards, when very abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence began to be established there, Great Nature was constrained to actualize their presences and also the subsequent process of their existence on the principle of Itoklanoz, that is, according to the results of certain surrounding causes.


43 Beelzebub’s Survey of the Process of the Periodic Reciprocal Destruction of Men, or Beelzebub’s Opinion of War


“And further, His Highness also explained that this cosmic substance, the Sacred Askokin, exists in general in the Universe chiefly blended with the sacred substances ‘Abrustdonis’ and ‘Helkdonis,’ and hence that this sacred substance Askokin in order to become vivifying for such a maintenance must first be freed from the said sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis.


“To tell the truth, my boy, I did not at once clearly understand all that he then said, and it was only later that I came to understand it all clearly, when, during my studies of the fundamental cosmic laws, I learned that these sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis are just those substances by which the higher being-bodies of three-brained beings, namely, the body Kesdjan and the body of the Soul, are in general formed and perfected; and when I learned that the separation of the sacred Askokin from the said sacred substances proceeds in general when the beings on whatever planet it might be transubstantiate the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis in themselves for the forming and perfecting of their higher bodies, by means of conscious labors and intentional sufferings.


45 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Extraction of Electricity from Nature and Its Destruction During Its Use, Is One of the Chief Causes of the Shortening of the Life of Man


“In the evening of our arrival there I, by the way, asked this essence-friend of mine during friendly conversation how the existence of his heir proceeded, that is, my dear ‘Kesdjanian-result-outside-of-me,’ or as your favorites would say my godson, Gornahoor Rakhoorkh.


“‘Although you are only my “Kesdjanian father,” yet, in view of the fact that during my “Hirr-Hirr4 you assuredly fulfilled with the feeling of full and thorough cognizance the divine obligations taken upon yourself in respect of me, there have been crystallized in my common presence in respect of you data equivalent to those which should be in the common presence of each three-brained being in respect of his own producer, and it is, without doubt, just because of this that I very often remember you and each time in my thoughts I wish for you such ensuing circumstances at all times as can lead in general to, in the objective sense, a good and happy future.’


“And so, after having taken his place on his perch and expressed his welcome, my dear ‘Kesdjanian-result-outside-of-me,’ or my godson, Gornahoor Rakhoorkh, began to take part in my conversation with Gornahoor Harharkh.


“So in this way, thanks to the explanations of my ‘Kesdjanian-result-outside-of-me,’ in the first place it became indubitably clear to me concerning the maleficent action, already begun, of the results of the ordinary abnormal being-existence of the three-brained beings who have taken your fancy; and secondly, the disturbing question of my old friend was solved of itself, namely, why during recent times it had become more and more difficult for the three-brained beings of the planet Mars to perfect themselves.