Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“In this way, when the three-brained perfected being foredesigned for this sacrament Almznoshinoo ceases his planetary existence, and his body Kesdjan is separated from his planetary body, then thanks to the first particular property of this being-Hanbledzoïn that connection begins to be established about which I have just told you, between the given body Kesdjan and that place where the particle of his Hanbledzoïn was preserved beforehand or those beings who intentionally coated this particle in their own bodies Kesdjan.


“In order to be clear in our subsequent talks upon this question, you must now be told just here that the said connection—one end of which is kept in the body Kesdjan which has risen to its corresponding sphere and the other end of which stays either within those surplanetary formations in which the particle from the general mass of the Hanbledzoïn of the given body Kesdjan was fixed, or in those beings who intentionally blended the Hanbledzoïn of the given body Kesdjan with the Hanbledzoïn of their own body Kesdjan—can exist in space only for a limited period, namely, only until the completion of the appointed movement of that planet, on which the given being had arisen, around its sun.


“So, my boy! Until these completed movements have come to an end, those beings existing on planets who either have in themselves a particle of the Hanbledzoïn of any body Kesdjan or have at their disposal the surplanetary formation in which that part of the Hanbledzoïn was fixed, can—assuming, of course, that they have all the corresponding data for carrying it out—at any time attract such a body back to the sphere of the solid part of the planet, and saturating it to the condensation corresponding to their own Hanbledzoïn, in this way establish relations with the Reason of that already completedly formed independent cosmic unit.


“And this attraction or as it is sometimes said ‘materialization’ is produced, as I have already told you, by means of what is called ‘Vallikrin,’ that is by the conscious injection in a certain way of one’s own Hanbledzoïn into the ends of these connections.


“When these six ‘great initiates’ still existing with their planetary existence began by twos in turns uninterruptedly for three days and three nights to produce upon the planetary body of their former chief the process Vallikrin, that is, the inpouring of their own Hanbledzoïn into this body, then, because of the absence of the said preliminary preparation of the connection with his body Kesdjan, their Hanbledzoïn did not go to the actualization where it should have gone, but only accumulated chaotically over this planetary body of their former chief; and since, unfortunately for them, during these same days, a reinforced blending of the sacred active element Okidanokh was proceeding in the atmosphere above that locality, or as the beings say there, there were ‘great thunderstorms,’ then, between these two cosmic ‘results,’ still only in the process of transition from one definite cosmic phenomenon to another, a what is called ‘Sobrionolian contact’ resulted.