Study of Beelzebub's Tales




17 The Arch-absurd According to the Assertion of Beelzebub, Our Sun Neither Lights nor Heats


“You must also know further, that only one cosmic crystallization, existing under the name ‘Omnipresent-Okidanokh,’ obtains its prime arising—although it also is crystallized from Etherokrilno—from the three Holy sources of the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is, from the emanation of the Most Holy Sun Absolute.


“Everywhere in the Universe, this ‘Omnipresent-Okidanokh’ or ‘Omnipresent-Active-Element’ takes part in the formation of all both great and small arisings, and is, in general, the fundamental cause of most of the cosmic phenomena and, in particular, of the phenomena proceeding in the atmospheres.


“In order that you may be able to understand, at least approximately, concerning this Omnipresent-Okidanokh also, I must tell you, first of all, that the second fundamental cosmic law—the Sacred Triamazikamno—consists of three independent forces, that is to say, this sacred law manifests in everything, without exception, and everywhere in the Universe, in three separate independent aspects.


“And these three aspects exist in the Universe under the following denominations:

“The first, under the denomination, the ‘Holy-Affirming’;
“The second, the ‘Holy-Denying’; and
“The third, the ‘Holy-Reconciling.’


“And this is also why, concerning this sacred law and its three independent forces, the said Objective Science has, among its formulations, specially concerning this sacred law, the following: ‘A law which always flows into a consequence and becomes the cause of subsequent consequences, and always functions by three independent and quite opposite characteristic manifestations, latent within it, in properties neither seen nor sensed.’


“Our sacred Theomertmalogos also, that is, the prime emanation of our Most Holy Sun Absolute, acquires just this same lawfulness at its prime arising; and, during its further actualizations, gives results in accordance with it.


“And this sacred process Aieioiuoa or ‘Remorse’ always proceeds with the ‘Omnipresent-Active-Element-Okidanokh’ also.


“The peculiarity of this latter during this sacred process is that while the direct action either of the sacred Theomertmalogos or the emanation of any ordinary sun is round about the whole of its presence, this Active-Element is dispersed into its three prime parts which then exist almost independently, and when the said direct action ceases, these parts blend again and then continue to exist as a whole.


18 The Arch-preposterous


“‘This metal red-copper which I have placed in the sphere of my proposed artificial actualization of the action of the active parts of Okidanokh, has at this moment what is called a “specific-density,” reckoning from the unit of density of the sacred element Theomertmalogos, of 444, that is to say, the atom of this metal was 444 times more dense, and as much less vivifying, than the atom of the sacred Theomertmalogos.


“Gold is no other than the metal we call ‘Prtzathalavr,’ the specific weight of which, reckoning from the element of the sacred Theomertmalogos, is 1439; that is to say, its element is three and a fraction times less vivifying than the element of the metal red copper.


23 The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


“In addition, those of them who were consciously perfected and had thereby brought the sensibility of the perception of their organ of sight—like three-brained beings everywhere else—up to what is called the ‘Olooessultratesnokhnian state,’ acquired the possibility of perceiving also the visibility of all these cosmic units situated at the same distance, which arise and have their further existence dependent upon the crystallizations localized directly from the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is to say, from the emanations of our most holy Sun Absolute.


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“And so, my dear boy, our COMMON FATHER CREATOR ALMIGHTY, having then in the beginning changed the functioning of both these primordial sacred laws, directed the action of their forces from within the Most Holy Sun Absolute into the space of the Universe, whereupon there was obtained the what is called ‘Emanation-of-the-Sun-Absolute’ and now called, ‘Theomertmalogos’ or ‘Word-God.’


“The Most Most Holy Theomertmalogos began to manifest itself in the quality of the third holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno; the results of any one of the newly arisen Second-order-Suns began to serve as the first holy force; and the results of all the other newly arisen Second-order-Suns in relation to this mentioned one newly arisen Sun, as the second holy force of this sacred law.


“And then also our cherubim gave names, also existing until now, to the emanations and radiations issuing from all these cosmoses of different scales, by means of which the process of the most great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat proceeds.


(1) The emanation of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute Itself they called, as I have already told you, ‘Theomertmalogos’ or ‘Word-God.’


(2) The radiation of each separate Second-order-Sun, ‘Mentekithzoïn.’


(3) The radiation of each planet separately they called ‘Dynamoumzoïn.’


(4) That given off from the Microcosmoses they called ‘Photoinzoïn.’


(5) The radiations issuing from the ‘Tetartocosmoses’ they called ‘Hanbledzoïn.’


(6) The radiations of all the planets together of any solar system they called ‘Astroluolucizoïn.’


(7) The common radiations of all the ‘Newly-arisen-second-order-Suns taken together they called ‘Polorotheoparl.’


“And so, my boy, when similar coatings of previously coated Tetartocosmoses were completed and began to function correspondingly, then from that time on they ceased calling them Tetartocosmoses and began to call them ‘beings,’ which then meant ‘two-natured,’ and these same second coatings alone began to be called ‘bodies-Kesdjan.’


“Now when in this new part of these ‘two-natured-formations’ everything corresponding was acquired, and when all that functioning which it is proper to such cosmic arisings to have was finally established, then these same new formations in their turn on exactly the same basis as in the first case and also under the conditions of a certain kind of change of functioning, began to absorb and assimilate into themselves such cosmic substances as had their arising immediately from the Most Most Holy Theomertmalogos, and similarities of a third kind began to be coated in them which are the ‘higher sacred-parts’ of beings and which we now call ‘higher being-bodies.’


“But the higher being-body itself, being formed of crystallizations received directly from the sacred Theomertmalogos into the solar system within the limits of which the being arises and where his existence proceeds, can never decompose; and this ‘higher part’ must exist in the given solar system as long as it does not perfect itself to the required Reason, to just that Reason which makes similar cosmic formations what are called ‘Irankipaekh,’ i.e., such formations of the mentioned Most Most Sacred substances as can exist and be independent of Kesdjanian arisings and at the same time not be subject to what are called ‘painful’ influences from any external cosmic factors whatsoever.


“And so… from the very beginning, when these higher being-parts arose in this way and were perfected in beings to the required sacred gradation of Objective Reason, that is to say, when in accordance with the lower Mdnel-In of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, the body-Kesdjan was, thanks to the second being-food formed in beings, and in accordance with the higher Mdnel-In of the same sacred law, the third highest being-body was, thanks to the third being-food, coated and perfected; and when these completely perfected higher being-parts were divided from the lower being-parts, then they were deemed worthy to be immediately united with the Most Most Holy Prime-Source and began to fulfill their Divine foreordained purpose.


“This continued so right up to that time when that terrifying cosmic event occurred which, as I have already told you, is now called the ‘Choot-God-Litanical’ period.


“Until this common-cosmic misfortune, all the higher being-bodies which arose and were perfected in certain Tetartocosmoses and in their first generations were united immediately with the Most Most Holy Protocosmos itself, because their common presences had already actualized results fully corresponding to it.


“The point is, that before this terrifying cosmic event of which I am speaking, the sacred Theomertmalogos which issued from the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute was still in a pure state without the admixture of any extraneously caused arisings whatsoever with their own subjective properties, and when this sacred Theomertmalogos came into the spheres of those planets on which the sacred crystallizations arose and from the results of the transformations of which higher being-bodies were coated and perfected through beings-apparatuses, then these latter received their presences exactly as they had to, to correspond to the required conditions of existence in the sphere of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute.


“But afterwards, when the mentioned common-cosmic misfortune occurred, on account of which the sacred Theomertmalogos began to issue from the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute with the admixture of subjective properties of extraneously caused arisings, then from that time these sacred cosmic arisings ceased to have the possibility of corresponding to the required conditions of existence in the sphere of the Most Most Holy Prime-Source.


“And this admixture of extraneously caused arisings began to be obtained in the sacred Theomertmalogos owing to the following and I must add unforeseen causes.


“When each separate ‘higher-perfected-being-body’ becomes an independent Individual and acquires in itself its own law of Sacred Triamazikamno, it begins to emanate similarly to the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute but in miniature; and when many of these perfected independent Sacred Individuals had been assembled on the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, then between the emanations of these Sacred Individuals and the atmosphere of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute there was established what is called a ‘Geneotriamazikamnian contact’ and those results were obtained which brought on this terrifying misfortune for the ‘higher-being-perfected-parts’ of which I have already told you.


“Thereupon although the action of the results of this ‘Geneotriamazikamnian contact’ soon became harmonized with the already existing actions of our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute itself, nevertheless from that time the sacred Theomertmalogos began to issue changed, and the primary consequences of the results of this contact had time during a certain period to change the harmonious movement of many solar systems and to produce a disharmony in the inner functioning of certain of their planets.


“It was just then that there became separated from the solar system called Khlarfogo that famous planet which exists alone in space and has quite exceptional particularities and which is at the present time called Remorse-of-Conscience.


“This Geneotriamazikamnian contact occurred because, in the atmosphere itself of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, various-sourced unusual vibrations began, as I have already said, to issue from these higher being-bodies and to unite with the emanations of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, and together with them also to penetrate everywhere in the Megalocosmos and to reach even to those planets on which higher being-bodies were continuing to arise in beings; and these unusual vibrations began to be transformed and crystallized together with the sacred Theomertmalogos and to take part in the coating of the ‘higher-parts’ in the beings.


“And it was from this time on, that these sacred arisings began to have in their presences special properties which were obtained from this, that certain manifestations of other parts of the given being, in whom these sacred arisings were coated, began to enter and to be assimilated in the composition of the presences of these higher parts and to give also very unusual results which afterwards came to be called and are called until now ‘sins-of-the-body-of-the-soul.’


40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“I will explain to you a little later about the meaning of the definition Nirioonossian-world-sound first adopted by the then great learned beings of the Earth, but meanwhile for the clarity of the understanding of my subsequent elucidations of the given theme, you must also know that everywhere on the planets genuine scientists take as the standard unit for their confrontative calculations of specific gravity and specific-vibrations that part, established by objective science, of the most most sacred Theomertmalogos which still contains all the fullness of what is called the ‘vivifyingness’ of all the three holy forces of the sacred Triamazikamno; but on your planet genuine scientists as well as those of new formation of all periods took and until today still take as such, a standard unit what is called the ‘atom of Hydrogen,’ for the same purpose—namely, for the confrontative calculations of all those diversely propertied definite parts of some or other whole which had become known to them, as for instance, for the specific gravity of various active elements which had become known to them among the number which ought to be present in the spheres surrounding their existence—considering this atom of Hydrogen for some unknown reason to be in general the smallest and also indivisible.


“Here, by the way, it will be very interesting to notice that if the calculations and enumerations obtained by these great terrestrial learned beings were almost exact, then they owed it to the fact that the standard unit which they took for their calculations chanced to be that unit which is taken everywhere in the Megalocosmos, that is, that same small particle of the most sacred substance Theomertmalogos in which there might still be all the fullness of the power of vivifyingness proper to it.