Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“In our Great Universe, besides the process of the intentional coating of the being-body Kesdjan of an already destroyed being, another process exists called the most sacred ‘Djerymetly.’

“And this most sacred process consists in this, that when there is intentionally first produced the coating of the highest being-body, namely, the ‘body of the soul,’ only afterwards, as in the first case, is the sacred Almznoshinoo produced.


“It is possible of course to produce both these processes only in that case, if such higher-being bodies are still in those spheres contactable by the sphere of that planet on which these ‘sacred sacraments’ are produced.


“And in addition, these formations evoked intentionally and consciously by definite beings can exist and maintain connection and communication with them only as long as the beings who produce these formations, consciously feed the body Kesdjan with their own sacred ‘Aiësakhaldan.’