Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“When these six ‘great initiates’ still existing with their planetary existence began by twos in turns uninterruptedly for three days and three nights to produce upon the planetary body of their former chief the process Vallikrin, that is, the inpouring of their own Hanbledzoïn into this body, then, because of the absence of the said preliminary preparation of the connection with his body Kesdjan, their Hanbledzoïn did not go to the actualization where it should have gone, but only accumulated chaotically over this planetary body of their former chief; and since, unfortunately for them, during these same days, a reinforced blending of the sacred active element Okidanokh was proceeding in the atmosphere above that locality, or as the beings say there, there were ‘great thunderstorms,’ then, between these two cosmic ‘results,’ still only in the process of transition from one definite cosmic phenomenon to another, a what is called ‘Sobrionolian contact’ resulted.


“And it was thanks to that contact there, on that small area of that ill-starred planet, that that accelerated cosmic phenomenon resulted called ‘Noughtounichtono,’ that is to say, the sudden and instantaneous evolution of all cosmic formed crystallizations, and, namely, all the neighboring surplanetary formations, were immediately transformed into the prime-source substance Etherokrilno.


“This Sobrionolian contact, or as it would be said on your planet Earth this ‘explosion,’ was so powerful that during this Noughtounichtono there, everything without any exception was transformed into Etherokrilno, both the planetary body of the chief of this small group of beings as well as all the six other brethren there who had completed this sacred sacrament, and likewise in general all the spiritualized or only concentrated surplanetary formations which were in the given region within an area of one ‘Shmana,’ or as your favorites would say ‘one square kilometer.’