Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“In order that you may clearly represent to yourself the real terror of the situation experienced by these six brothers who were left without their chief, and also well understand all the resulting calamitous consequences, I must first of all explain to you, even though briefly, the history of the rise and existence in this country named Tibet, of this small group, which had always consisted of seven three-brained beings of your planet.


“This group was formed and existed long before the appearance on the planet Earth of the last Sacred Individual, Saint Lama.


“From very early times it was composed of seven beings, directly initiated by Saint Krishnatkharna, also a messenger of our ENDLESSNESS specially sent to the three-centered beings of the planet Earth breeding in the country Gemchania.


“When Saint Buddha afterwards appeared there in Gemchania, and made clear that many instructions of Saint Krishnatkharna were not yet obsolete for the psyche of the beings of that same country, and that these instructions, when absorbed by any of the beings there, contribute to the destruction of those consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, to help them in freeing themselves from which he had himself also been sent to them, and when He decided to put these instructions of Saint Krishnatkharna as a whole into the basis of his own teaching also, then these seven beings there, initiated directly by Saint Krishnatkharna—after Buddha had taught them the aim and necessity of their existence, and they had clearly sensed this and were convinced that the instructions of Saint Buddha not only at heart did not contradict the instructions of Saint Krishnatkharna, but even corresponded more perfectly to the psyche of the beings of that given period—became followers of Saint Buddha.


“And still later, when Saint Lama appeared specially for the beings of the country Tibet, and he also in his turn found that many instructions of Saint Buddha would still correspond very well with the psyche of the beings of that country—if only certain changes of detail were admitted into them corresponding to the change in external conditions of existence which had been brought about under the influence of time—he therefore also put into the basis of his teaching many instructions from the verities pointed out already by Saint Krishnatkharna before him and renewed by Saint Buddha; then this small group of initiated beings as well as other groups already followers of Buddha, having also clearly sensed that the additions and changes brought to his teaching by Saint Lama corresponded better to the contemporary psyche, became followers of Saint Lama.


“Among the beings of this small group there existed a rule, which, by the way, they kept very strictly, in accordance with which certain secret instructions of Saint Lama concerning the beings of their group were transmitted from generation to generation through their chief alone, and he could initiate into these secrets the other six, only after certain attainments on their part.


“That is just why all the six members of this small organization, all of whom had already merited and were ready to be accepted for initiation in the near future, were so horrified, as I have said, when they learned about the destruction of their chief. With the destruction of this, at that time, sole initiate, there was lost to them forever the possibility of becoming initiated into these secret instructions of Saint Lama.


“Owing to the fact that the destruction of their chief proceeded so unexpectedly, that sole remaining possibility became even doubtful for them ‘of receiving these instructions’ by communicating with the Reason of the destroyed chief by means of the process, the ‘sacred Almznoshinoo,’ for the existence of which they not only knew the possibilities, but they also had in themselves all the data required for such an actualization.


“This Sobrionolian contact, or as it would be said on your planet Earth this ‘explosion,’ was so powerful that during this Noughtounichtono there, everything without any exception was transformed into Etherokrilno, both the planetary body of the chief of this small group of beings as well as all the six other brethren there who had completed this sacred sacrament, and likewise in general all the spiritualized or only concentrated surplanetary formations which were in the given region within an area of one ‘Shmana,’ or as your favorites would say ‘one square kilometer.’


“Among these destroyed formations, reproduced both naturally as well as artificially by the beings, there were also all the what are called ‘books’ which belonged to these seven terrestrial genuine great initiated beings, and other things which had served as means for keeping in memory everything concerning all the three genuine Sacred Individuals intentionally actualized from Above, and, namely, Saint Krishnatkharna, Saint Buddha, and Saint Lama.