Study of Beelzebub's Tales




43 Beelzebub’s Survey of the Process of the Periodic Reciprocal Destruction of Men, or Beelzebub’s Opinion of War


“And further, His Highness also explained that this cosmic substance, the Sacred Askokin, exists in general in the Universe chiefly blended with the sacred substances ‘Abrustdonis’ and ‘Helkdonis,’ and hence that this sacred substance Askokin in order to become vivifying for such a maintenance must first be freed from the said sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis.


“To tell the truth, my boy, I did not at once clearly understand all that he then said, and it was only later that I came to understand it all clearly, when, during my studies of the fundamental cosmic laws, I learned that these sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis are just those substances by which the higher being-bodies of three-brained beings, namely, the body Kesdjan and the body of the Soul, are in general formed and perfected; and when I learned that the separation of the sacred Askokin from the said sacred substances proceeds in general when the beings on whatever planet it might be transubstantiate the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis in themselves for the forming and perfecting of their higher bodies, by means of conscious labors and intentional sufferings.


“And so, my dear Hassein, when it appeared that the instinctive need for conscious labor and intentional suffering in order to be able to take in and transmute in themselves the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis and thereby to liberate the sacred Askokin for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios had finally disappeared from the psyche of your favorites, then Great Nature Herself was constrained to adapt Herself to extract this sacred substance by other means, one of which is precisely that periodic terrifying process there of reciprocal destruction.


“Here, for the correct valuation of your contemporary favorites it will be apropos to remind you that after the action of the organ Kundabuffer had been destroyed in the three-brained beings of your planet, the first generations very soon learned that a certain cosmic substance had to be transformed through them and that their assistance in this transformation was one of their chief being-duties.


“In the male temples, namely, in the Agoorokhrostiny, beings of the male sex of the given locality or of the given district performed in turn corresponding ‘mysteries’ while in the special state called ‘self-remembering.’


“The beings of the continent Atlantis had a definite notion that beings of the male sex are sources of active manifestation, and hence in their Agoorokhrostiny they gave themselves up to active and conscious contemplation the whole time, and in this state performed these corresponding sacred mysteries, so that there should be transubstantiated in them the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis.


“And they did this deliberately and with full consciousness in order that this certain sacred substance, liberated in them, and issuing through their radiations for its further vivifyingness, should become the active part of that sacred law which they call the ‘Holy Trinity.’


46 Beelzebub Explains to His Grandson the Significance of the Form and Sequence Which He Chose for Expounding the Information Concerning Man


“I decided to do this in order that many diversely essenced ‘Egoplastikoori’ for your future logical confrontation should be crystallized in corresponding localizations in your common presence, and also in order that from active mentation the proper elaboration in you of the sacred substances of Abrustdonis and Helkdonis for the purpose of coating and perfecting both of your higher being-parts should proceed more intensively.


“By the way, you might as well hear still once more even if you do know it, that the said being-Autokolizikners are formed in the presences of three-brained beings in general in all three localizations exclusively only from the results of the actualization of ‘being-Partkdolg-duty,’ that is to say, thanks to those factors which, from the very beginning of the arising of the three-brained beings, our UNI-BEING COMMON FATHER designed to be the means for self-perfection.


“It is these same formations in the common presences of three-brained beings which are actualized as the third holy force of the Sacred Triamazikamno for the arising of the Reason-of-understanding.


“Only thanks to this factor, in the process of the blending of newly perceived impressions of every kind in the presences of three-brained beings, are there crystallized on the basis of the Sacred Triamazikamno data for one’s own cognizance and understanding proper to the being alone; and likewise exclusively only during such processes of the crystallization of the data for consciousness in the presences of three-brained beings does there proceed what is called ‘Zernofookalnian-friction’ thanks to which the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis are chiefly formed in them for the coating and perfecting of their higher parts.