Study of Beelzebub's Tales




17 The Arch-absurd According to the Assertion of Beelzebub, Our Sun Neither Lights nor Heats


“As regards the second peculiarity of the ‘Omnipresent-Okidanokh,’ equally proper to it alone, and which it is also necessary for us to elucidate just now for the given theme of our talk, you will be able to understand about that, only if you know something concerning one fundamental cosmic second-degree law, existing in the Universe, under the denomination of the ‘Sacred Aieioiuoa.’


“And this cosmic law is, that there proceeds within every arising large and small, when in direct touch with the emanations either of the Sun Absolute itself or of any other sun, what is called ‘Remorse,’ that is, a process when every part that has arisen from the results of any one Holy Source of the Sacred Triamazikamno, as it were, ‘revolts’ and ‘criticizes’ the former unbecoming perceptions and the manifestations at the moment of another part of its whole—a part obtained from the results of another Holy Source of the same fundamental sacred Cosmic Law of Triamazikamno.


“And this sacred process Aieioiuoa or ‘Remorse’ always proceeds with the ‘Omnipresent-Active-Element-Okidanokh’ also.


“The peculiarity of this latter during this sacred process is that while the direct action either of the sacred Theomertmalogos or the emanation of any ordinary sun is round about the whole of its presence, this Active-Element is dispersed into its three prime parts which then exist almost independently, and when the said direct action ceases, these parts blend again and then continue to exist as a whole.


“For the further clarification of the phenomena taking place in the atmospheres and concerning the ‘Omnipresent-Active-Element’ in general, you must know and remember this also, that during the periods when, owing to the sacred process ‘Aieioiuoa,’ ‘Djartklom’ proceeds in the Okidanokh, then there is temporarily released from it the proportion of the pure—that is, absolutely unblended—Etherokrilno which unfailingly enters into all cosmic formations and there serves, as it were, for connecting all the active elements of these formations; and afterwards when its three fundamental parts reblend, then the said proportion of Etherokrilno is re-established.


22 Beelzebub for the First Time in Tibet


“The places through which our way went this time were then almost inaccessible to the three-brained beings of that period, chiefly on account of these wild beings.

“In those days it was possible for the three-brained beings to pass through these places only, as they say, ‘by day,’ that is to say, when in the atmosphere of their planet the process of Aieioiuoa’ proceeds in the Active Element Okidanokh.


“And they could pass by day because during this time of the Krentonalnian position of their planet in relation to the rays of their sun, almost all the wild terrestrial beings are in the being-state called ‘sleep,’ that is to say, in a state of automatic elaboration in their presences of that energy which is necessary for their ordinary existence, which elaboration of energy proceeds in them during just this time, whereas in the three-centered beings there, on the contrary, the same is elaborated only when the said sacred property is not proceeding in the atmosphere, that is, during the period of the diurnity which they call ‘night.’


“So, my boy, because of this it was possible for your favorites of those times to pass through these places only by day. At night, great vigilance and the use of various artificial shelters was required as a defense against these wild beings, both for themselves and for their ‘goods.’

“During the period of the aforesaid Krentonalnian position of the planet Earth, these wild beings there are wide awake and take their first being-food; and since, by that time, they had already become accustomed to use for this purpose almost exclusively the planetary bodies of weaker beings of other forms arising on their planet, they were always trying, during that period, to get hold of such a being in order to use his planetary body for the satisfaction of that need of theirs.


23 The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


“And later, when the same constant abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence were finally established, as a consequence of which Great Nature was compelled, for reasons of which I have already once told you, among other limitations, also to degenerate the functioning of their organ of sight into what is called ‘Koritesnokhnian,’ that is to say, into the sight proper to the presences of one-brained and two-brained beings, then thereafter they were able to perceive the visibility of their great as well as their small concentrations situated beyond them only when the sacred process ‘Aieioiuoa’ proceeded in the Omnipresent Active Element Okidanokh in the atmosphere of their planet, or, as they themselves say—according to their understanding and their own perceptions—‘on dark nights.’