Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“Thereupon although the action of the results of this ‘Geneotriamazikamnian contact’ soon became harmonized with the already existing actions of our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute itself, nevertheless from that time the sacred Theomertmalogos began to issue changed, and the primary consequences of the results of this contact had time during a certain period to change the harmonious movement of many solar systems and to produce a disharmony in the inner functioning of certain of their planets.


“It was just then that there became separated from the solar system called Khlarfogo that famous planet which exists alone in space and has quite exceptional particularities and which is at the present time called Remorse-of-Conscience.


“This Geneotriamazikamnian contact occurred because, in the atmosphere itself of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, various-sourced unusual vibrations began, as I have already said, to issue from these higher being-bodies and to unite with the emanations of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, and together with them also to penetrate everywhere in the Megalocosmos and to reach even to those planets on which higher being-bodies were continuing to arise in beings; and these unusual vibrations began to be transformed and crystallized together with the sacred Theomertmalogos and to take part in the coating of the ‘higher-parts’ in the beings.