Study of Beelzebub's Tales


Tookha Tes Nalool Pan


42 Beelzebub in America


“‘This custom which you call sooniat was first created and introduced into the Judaic religious doctrine by the Great Moses.


“‘And why the Great Moses introduced this custom into the religion of the Judaic people I learned from a very ancient Chaldean manuscript.


“‘It was said in this manuscript that when the Great Moses was the leader of the Judaic people and conducted them from the land of Egypt to the land of Canaan, he constated the fact during the journey that among the youths and children of the people confided to him from Above there was very widely spread the disease then called “Moordoorten,” which contemporary people call onanism.


“‘It was further said in the manuscript that having constated this fact, the Great Moses was greatly perturbed and from then on began observing very closely in order to discover the causes of this evil and some means of uprooting it.


“‘These researches of his led this incomparable sage later to write a book under the title of Tookha Tes Nalool Pan, which in contemporary language means “the quintessence of my reflections.”


“‘As regards just what measures the Great Moses took for eradicating that evil, I learned not from the aforementioned book Tookha Tes Nalool Pan, but from the contents of an also very ancient papyrus.


“‘From the contents of this papyrus it could be clearly seen that the Great Moses gave practical effect to the thoughts set down on this question in the book Tookha Tes Nalool Pan, by creating for his people those two religious rites, one of which is called “Sikt ner chorn” and the other “Tzel putz kann.”


“‘The sacred “Sikt ner chorn” was specially created for boys and the sacred “Tzel putz kann” for girls, and they were to be obligatorily performed on all children of both sexes.