Study of Beelzebub's Tales




42 Beelzebub in America


“The beings of most of the groups on the continent Asia are safeguarded against many venereal diseases as well as against any other ‘sexual abnormalities’, if only, for instance, by such customs known there by the names ‘Sooniat’ and ‘Abdest.’


“The first of these customs, namely, sooniat, or, as it is otherwise called ‘circumcision,’ not only saves most of the Asiatic beings of responsible age from many venereal diseases there, but also safeguards many of the children and youths of that continent against the ‘scourge’ mercilessly spread among the children and youths of the continents of Europe and America, namely, that ‘scourge’ known there under the name ‘onanism.’


“‘Even those good customs which now exist among you in the Mohammedan religion were transmitted to you from the Judaic religion. Take, for example, just that custom of “sooniat” or circumcision which you mentioned. This custom was at first contained in this Christian religion also, and in the beginning was obligatorily and strictly carried out by all its followers. Only subsequently did it very quickly and suddenly entirely disappear from the Christian religion.


“‘If you wish, my young friend, I will tell you in detail about the arising of this custom, and you will understand from it why a custom so good for the health and normal life of people was included in the Judaic religion, and since the Judaic doctrine was made the basis of the Christian religion, this custom also could not fail to be taken over and introduced into the process of the ordinary life of the followers of the Christian religion.


“‘This custom which you call sooniat was first created and introduced into the Judaic religious doctrine by the Great Moses.


“‘The rite of “Sikt ner chorn,” for instance, was identical with your sooniat. By cutting what is called the “Vojiano” or the “frenum penis” of boys, the connection is severed between the head and the skin covering it, and thus there is obtained the free movement of this skin, or, as it is called, “praeputium penis.”


“‘Just at that time, among other customs, they established and laid particular stress on the customs you mentioned of sooniat, abdest and polygamy, the beneficial results of which we can see even now in practice.