Study of Beelzebub's Tales


Sikt ner chorn


42 Beelzebub in America


“‘From the contents of this papyrus it could be clearly seen that the Great Moses gave practical effect to the thoughts set down on this question in the book Tookha Tes Nalool Pan, by creating for his people those two religious rites, one of which is called “Sikt ner chorn” and the other “Tzel putz kann.”


“‘The sacred “Sikt ner chorn” was specially created for boys and the sacred “Tzel putz kann” for girls, and they were to be obligatorily performed on all children of both sexes.


“‘The rite of “Sikt ner chorn,” for instance, was identical with your sooniat. By cutting what is called the “Vojiano” or the “frenum penis” of boys, the connection is severed between the head and the skin covering it, and thus there is obtained the free movement of this skin, or, as it is called, “praeputium penis.”


“‘These two rites were created by the Great Moses and introduced then into the ordinary life of the Judaic people in order to counteract that maleficent invention of clothes, thanks to which those factors were destroyed which were provided by Nature for the protection of these organs from the harmful action of the substances given off by them; and these two rites were transmitted from generation to generation, both to the followers of this Judaic religion themselves as well as to others who took over these useful rites almost unchanged. And it was only after “the death of the great King Solomon” that the rite “Tzel putz kann” ceased for some reason or other to be performed even by the followers of this Judaic religion, and only the rite “Sikt ner chorn” automatically continued to be performed and reached the contemporary representatives of that race.