Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“In Tetartocosmoses the following names were given to these independent arisings:

(1) Protoëhary
(2) Defteroëhary
(3) Tritoëhary
(4) Tetartoëhary
(5) Piandjoëhary
(6) Exioëhary
(7) Resulzarion


“For this help coming from outside, Great Nature in the given case most wisely adapted the inner organization of beings in such a manner that the substances which had to enter into the common presences of beings for the coating and feeding of their second being-bodies Kesdjan, namely, that totality of cosmic substances which your favorites call air, might at the same time serve as just such a help coming from outside for the evolution of the substances of the first being-food.


“The active elements which compose this second being-food or air, and which enter into the presences of beings also for evolution through this second being-food, beginning from the nose of beings, gradually evolve with the co-operation of various processes of Harnel-miatznel of local character, and are also transmuted this time in the what are called ‘lungs’ of beings into Protoëhary, but into Protoëhary called ‘Astralnomonian-Protoëhary.’


“And then the substances of this ‘Astralnomonian-Protoëhary,’ entering into the presences of beings for their own evolution and having still in themselves, according to the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, all the possibilities of evolving from their centers of gravity by the process of Harnel-miatznel alone, mix with the totality of substances of the first being-food which have already evolved up to the third Stopinder of the Sacred being-Heptaparaparshinokh, and further evolve together, and thus help these substances of the first being-food to pass through the lower ‘mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In’ and to be transmuted into other definite substances, into ‘being-Tetartoëhary,’ and the Astralnomonian-Protoëhary’ itself is transmuted into the substances named ‘Astralnomonian-Defteroëhary.’


“I will some time later explain to you in detail how the transformation of the substances of the second and third being-foods proceeds in beings, but meanwhile note only that these higher cosmic substances in beings are transformed according to exactly the same principles as the substances of the first being-food.


“Now we shall continue to investigate just how, according to the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, the further completing process of the transformation of the substances of their first being-food proceeds in the presences of ‘beings-apparatuses.’


“And so… the ordinary first being-food is thus gradually transmuted in beings into definite substances called ‘being-Tetartoëhary,’ which have in beings, just as of course in your favorites, as the central place of their concentration both of what are called the ‘hemispheres of their head-brain.’


“Further, a part of this being-Tetartoëhary from both hemispheres of their head-brain goes unchanged to serve the planetary body of the given being, but the other part having in itself all the possibilities for independent evolution, continues to evolve without any help coming from outside; and mixing again by means of the process Harnel-miatznel with previously formed higher substances already present in the beings, it is gradually transmuted into still higher definite being-active-elements called ‘Piandjoëhary.’