Study of Beelzebub's Tales




9 The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon


“It is interesting to notice here that the beings of a continent on that planet called ‘Atlantis,’ which afterwards perished, still knew of this second fragment of their planet and also called it ‘Anulios,’ but the beings of the last period of the same continent, in whom the results of the consequences of the properties of that organ called ‘Kundabuffer’—about which, it now seems, I shall have to explain to you even in great detail—had begun to be crystallized and to become part of their common presences, called it also ‘Kimespai,’ the meaning of which for them was ‘Never-Allowing-One-to-Sleep-in-Peace.’


14 The Beginnings of Perspectives Promising Nothing Very Cheerful


“All the various changes in their presences began for the most part after the second misfortune occurred to this planet, during which misfortune the chief continent of that ill-fated planet, then existing under the name ‘Atlantis,’ entered within the planet.


15 The First Descent of Beelzebub upon the Planet Earth


“Our ship landed on this first visit of mine, on the shores of just that continent which during the second catastrophe to this planet, disappeared entirely from its surface.

“This continent was called ‘Atlantis’ and most of the three-brained beings, and likewise most of the beings of our tribe, then existed only upon it.


19 Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent onto the Planet Earth


“During this second serious catastrophe to that planet, the continent Atlantis, which had been the largest continent and the chief place of the being-existence of the three-brained beings of that planet during the period of my first descent, was engulfed together with other large and small terra firmas within the planet with all the three-brained beings existing upon it, and also with almost all that they had attained and acquired during many of their preceding centuries.


“It was just on the said continent of Atlantis that the city of Samlios was situated, where, do you remember, I once told you that young countryman of ours existed, on whose account my first ‘Descent-in-person’ took place.


“I told you once, in the course of our previous talks, that most of those beings of our tribe who had chosen this planet of yours as their place of existence, existed during my first descent chiefly on the continent of Atlantis.


“It appears that a year before the said catastrophe, our, as she is called, ‘Party-Pythoness’ there, when prophesying, asked us all to leave the continent of Atlantis and migrate to another small continent not very far away, where we were to exist on that definite part of its surface she indicated.


20 The Third Flight of Beelzebub to the Planet Earth


Then Beelzebub began:

“A long, long time before that period to which my present tale relates, namely, long before that second great catastrophe to that ill-fated planet, while the continent Atlantis was still existing and at the height of its splendor, one of the ordinary three-centered beings of that continent ‘invented’—as my latest detailed investigations and researches cleared up—that the powdered horn of a being of that particular exterior form then called a ‘Pirmaral’ was very effective against what they call ‘diseases’ of every kind. His ‘invention’ was afterwards widely spread by various ‘freaks’ on your planet, and also there was gradually crystallized in the Reason of the ordinary beings there an illusory directing factor, from which, by the way, there is formed in the whole of the presence of each of your favorites, especially of the contemporary ones, the Reason of what is called their ‘waking-existence,’ which factor is the chief cause of the frequent change in convictions accumulated in them.


“So, my boy, as the beings of the continent Atlantis destroyed very many beings of that form for the sake of these horns, they very soon became extinct.

“Then a number of beings of that continent, who had by this time already made a profession of hunting these beings, went hunting for them on other continents and islands.


“For my further tales concerning these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, it will be very useful for you, I think, if I emphasize here that on account of various disturbances during the second terrestrial catastrophe, several parts of the continent Iranan entered within the planet, and other terra firmas emerged in their place and attached themselves to this continent, which in consequence became considerably changed and became in size almost what the continent Atlantis had been for the planet Earth before the catastrophe.


“Well, then, my boy, while this said group of hunters were once with their families pursuing a herd of these Pirmarals, they reached the shores of the water-space which was later called the Sea of Beneficence.

“Both the sea itself and its rich and fertile shores so greatly pleased this group of hunters that they did not wish to return to the continent Atlantis, and from that time on they remained to exist there, on those shores.


“In short, both the climate of this country and everything else so delighted the hunters and their families that none of them, as I have already said, had any desire to return to the continent Atlantis, and from that time on they remained there, and soon adapting themselves to everything, multiplied and existed, as is said, ‘on-a-bed-of-roses.’


“It seems that at the time when the said hunters from the continent Atlantis reached the Sea of Beneficence and decided to settle there, there was already existing on the shores of the same sea a being from the continent Atlantis who was at that time very important and who belonged to the sect of ‘Astrosovors’ and who was a member of a learned society, the like of which has never since appeared on that planet Earth and probably never will.


“Just before the second great catastrophe those genuine learned beings then existing on the continent Atlantis, who had organized that truly great learned society there, somehow became aware that something very serious had to happen in Nature, so they began to observe very carefully all the natural phenomena of their continent; but however hard they tried, they could in no way find out what precisely had to happen.

“A little later on and with the same aim, they sent some of their members to other continents and islands, in order, by means of these common observations, perhaps to be able to find out what was impending.


“It was just this same learned member of the society Akhaldan who once chanced to meet certain of the mentioned hunters on the shores of the said Sea of Beneficence, and having learned that they had also come from the continent Atlantis, was naturally very glad, and began to establish relations with them.


“And when, shortly afterwards, the continent Atlantis entered within the planet and this learned Akhaldan member had no longer any place to return to, he remained to exist with these hunters in that future Maralpleicie.


“I must emphasize here, that though the said particularity of their psyche began to be crystallized in your favorites immediately after the loss of Atlantis, yet in none of the beings of former epochs did it function so blatantly as it does now in the contemporary three-brained beings there; they have more of it perhaps, than there are hairs on a ‘Toosook.’


21 The First Visit of Beelzebub to India


“The history of the arising of this third group of Asiatic beings begins only a little later than that period when the families of hunters for Pirmarals first came to the shores of the Sea of Beneficence from the continent Atlantis and, having settled there, founded the second group of Asiatic beings.

“It was just in those, for your contemporary favorites, infinitely remote days, that is, not long before the second Transapalnian perturbation occurred to this ill-fated planet, that there had already begun to be crystallized in the presences of the three-centered beings then of the continent Atlantis certain consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, on account of which the need—among other needs unbecoming to three-brained beings—began to arise in them to wear, as I have already told you, various trinkets as it were for their adornment, and also a kind of famous what is called ‘Talisman’ which they had invented.


“One of these trinkets, then on the continent Atlantis, just as now on the other continents of the planet Earth, was and is this same pearl.

“The said pearl is formed in one-brained beings which breed in the ‘Saliakooriap’ of your planet Earth, that is to say, in that part of it which is called ‘Hentralispana,’ or, as your favorites might express it, the blood of the planet, which is present in the common presence of every planet and which serves the actualizing of the process of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat; and there on your planet this part is called ‘water.’


“This one-brained being in which the said pearl is formed used to breed in the ‘Saliakooriapnian,’ or water-areas, surrounding the continent Atlantis; but in consequence of the great demand for the said pearl and therefore of the great destruction of these one-brained ‘pearl-bearing beings,’ soon none were left near this continent.

“Thereupon, when those beings there who made the aim and sense of their existence the destruction of these pearl-bearing beings, that is to say, who destroyed their existence only in order to procure that part of their common presence called pearl merely for the gratification of their quite absurd egoism, found no more of these said pearl-bearing beings in the water-area nearest to the continent Atlantis, they, that is, these ‘professionals,’ then began to look for them in other water-areas and gradually moved further and further away from their own continent.


“For the first days, the aforementioned terrestrial professionals of that time who had chanced to arrive there did nothing but gratify to the full their inclinations, which had already become inherent to their presences in respect of the destruction of these one-brained beings of their planet; and it was only later, after they had also by chance found out that almost everything required for ordinary existence arose in abundance on the neighboring terra firma, that they decided never to return to Atlantis but to settle there for their permanent existence.


“A few of these destroyers of pearl-bearing beings then sailed to the continent Atlantis, and having exchanged their pearls for various articles which were still lacking in the new place, they returned, bringing with them their own families as well as the families of those who had remained.


“So, my boy, from that time on, that part also of the surface of the planet Earth became known to all the three-brained beings there under the name of ‘Land-of-Beneficence.’


“In this way, before the second great catastrophe to the planet Earth, many beings of the continent Atlantis already existed on this part of the continent Ashhark also, and when that second catastrophe occurred to your planet, then many of the beings who chanced to be saved from the continent Atlantis, chiefly those who already had relatives and kinsmen in that Pearl-land, also gradually collected there.


“So, my boy, when, as I have already told you, those three-centered beings there among the second arid third generation of the contemporaries of Saint Buddha in whose psyche, already from the time of the loss of Atlantis, that peculiarity had been fixed, called the ‘organic-psychic need to wiseacre,’ began—unfortunately for the ordinary three-centered beings of that period and unfortunately also for the beings of all succeeding generations and even for those of the present time—to wiseacre and superwiseacre concerning these counsels of Saint Buddha, then as a result a very definite notion became fixed and also began to pass from generation to generation, that this same ‘endurance’ should without fail be produced in complete solitude.


23 The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


“The point is that when the second Transapalnian perturbation occurred to that ill-fated planet, then, besides its chief continent Atlantis, many other large and small terra firmas entered within the planet and, in their place, new terra firmas appeared on the surface of the planet.

“These displacements of the parts of the common presence of that ill-fated planet then continued for several days, with repeated planetary tremors and with such manifestations as could not fail to evoke terror in the consciousness and feelings of beings of every kind.


“Before the second Transapalnian perturbation there, which period of their planet the contemporary three-brained beings define by the words, ‘Before the loss of the continent Atlantis,’ when various consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer had already begun to be crystallized in their presences, a being impulse began to be formed in them which later became predominant.


“In view of the fact, my boy, that this conscious ability expressed in the creation of such a construction unparalleled both before and after this period, of which I was then an eyewitness, was also the result of the attainments of the beings, members of the learned society Akhaldan, which was formed on the continent of Atlantis before the second great terrestrial catastrophe, I think it will be best, if, before continuing to explain to you further about the mentioned observatory and other constructions erected there for the welfare of being-existence, I should tell you, even though briefly, about the history of the arising there of such an indeed great learned society consisting of ordinary three-brained beings, as this learned society Akhaldan then was on the continent of Atlantis.


“I must also tell you about the history of the arising and existence of that society there on the continent Atlantis, so that you may also know that if the three-brained beings there on your planet—thanks to their being-Partkdolg-duty, that is to say, thanks to their conscious labors and intentional sufferings—ever attain anything, then not only do they utilize these for the good of their own Being, but also a certain part of these attainments is transmitted as with us by inheritance and becomes the property of their direct descendants.


“You can perceive such a law-conformable result there from the fact that although towards the end of the existence of the continent Atlantis abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence had already begun to be established and that after the second great catastrophe they deteriorated at such a rate that they soon finally ‘crushed’ all their ableness to manifest the possibilities proper to the presences of three-brained beings, nevertheless their ‘attainments of learning’ passed by inheritance, at least partly, even though mechanically, to their remote direct descendants.


“It seems that the said Korkaptilnian thought tapes concerning the history of the arising of the learned society Akhaldan were, as I found out much later, deliberately fixed by a certain ‘Eternal Individual,’ Asoochilon, now a saint, who became coated in the common presence of a three-brained being named Tetetos who arose on your planet on the continent of Atlantis and who had existed there four centuries before the second great ‘Transapalnian perturbation.’


“And so, my boy, I myself learned about the details of the arising there of the society Akhaldan partly from the text of the just-mentioned Teleoghinoora and partly from many data which I learned much later, namely, when, having become interested also in this highly important factor there, I made my usual detailed investigations.

“According to the text of the mentioned Teleoghinoora and to data which I subsequently learned, it became clear and definitely known to me that this learned society Akhaldan which arose then on the continent Atlantis and which was composed of three-brained beings of the Earth, was formed 735 years before the second ‘Transapalnian perturbation’ there.


“Our acquaintanceship and our friendly relations with many of the former members of the society Akhaldan had already begun on the continent Atlantis almost from the founding of that society.

“Do you remember I told you that when I descended to that planet for the first time and the beings of our tribe assembled in the city of Samlios with my participation in order together to find a way out of the difficult situation that had been created, those general meetings of ours were held in one of the sections of the principal cathedral of the society Akhaldan; and from that time on, good relations were established between many beings of our tribe and certain members of this society?


“Although the hope of the few chance surviving members of the society Akhaldan that they would be able to resume the actualizing of the task of their society was not fulfilled, nevertheless, thanks to them alone, there still continued to be present in the presences of beings of several subsequent generations after the loss of Atlantis, the ‘instinctive conviction’ concerning the sense of what is called there ‘completed personal Being.’


“When I became interested on the continent Atlantis in this strange allegorical image, and then enquired about its meaning, one of the learned members of the Great Society of men-beings explained it to me as follows:


“Good!… If none of the benefits already formerly attained by the Reason of the beings of the continent Atlantis for ordinary being-existence has become the possession of the contemporary beings of this planet, then this might perhaps be logically explained simply because for cosmic reasons, not issuing at all from and not depending upon the three-brained beings there, that second great ‘cataclysm not according to law’ occurred, during which, not only that continent itself perished, but also everything which existed on it.


24 Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time


“At the same time sands also filled up certain parts of the country, Pearl-land, as well as that country in the middle of the continent Grabontzi, where, as I have already told you, there was formed, after the loss of Atlantis, what they called the leading ‘Center-of-Culture’ for all the three-brained beings there, a country which at that time was the most flourishing part of the surface of this planet of yours, and which is now the desert called ‘Sahara.’


“The first fact is that almost from the time of the loss of the continent Atlantis, there gradually began to be crystallized, and during later centuries became completely crystallized in the presence of every one of your favorites there, a particular ‘inherency’ thanks to which that being-sensation which is called ‘happiness-for-one’s-being’—which is experienced from time to time by every three-brained being from the satisfaction of his inner self-evaluation—appears in the presences of your favorites exclusively only when they acquire for their own possession a great deal of that popular metal there called ‘gold.’


“The first of these understandings exists there and passes from one generation to another among such three-brained beings there as were those members of the society Akhaldan on the continent Atlantis, and such as those who, although of another kind, several centuries later after the Transapalnian perturbation acquired almost the same in the foundations of their common presences and who were called ‘initiates.’


25 The Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash, Sent from Above to the Earth


“This means of transmitting information from generation to generation had been devised by the beings of the continent Atlantis. For your better understanding of the said means of transmitting information to beings of succeeding generations by means of a Legominism, I must here explain to you a little also about those beings there whom other beings called and call initiates.


“For having invented this means of transmitting information, we must give the beings of the continent Atlantis their due; this means was indeed very wise and did indeed attain their aim.


30 Art


“Here it is interesting to notice that this definite period of the flow of time, namely, a week, has always been divided on your planet into seven days; and this division was even made by the beings of the continent Atlantis, who expressed in it that same Law of Sevenfoldness with which they were quite familiar.


“The days of the week were then on the continent Atlantis called as follows:

(1) Adashsikra
(2) Evosikra
(3) Cevorksikra
(4) Midosikra
(5) Maikosikra
(6) Lookosikra
(7) Soniasikra.


31 The Sixth and Last Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


“But the knowledge about this castor oil passed also to these beings of Egypt from the beings of the continent Atlantis, who belonged to the learned society Akhaldan.


32 Hypnotism


“This strange psychic property had its rise soon after the destruction of Atlantis and began to become finally fixed in the presence of every one of them from the time when their ‘Zoostat,’ that is the functioning of their ‘being-consciousness,’ began to be divided in two and when two entirely different consciousnesses having nothing in common with each other were gradually formed in them, namely, those two different consciousnesses, the first of which was called by them simply ‘consciousness’ and the second—when they finally noticed it in themselves—was called and still continues to be called ‘subconsciousness.’


33 Beelzebub as Professional Hypnotist


“Before telling you about this event there, which cannot be described otherwise than as sadly tragic, I must for your more or less clear representations about it once more tell you something about the three-brained beings there of the continent Atlantis who then constituted the learned society under the name of Akhaldan.


“Well, many centuries after the loss of Atlantis, beings of this Egypt, on the basis of the knowledge which had reached them, also discovered how, by means of that same sacred neutralizing-force of the sacred Okidanokh, to preserve the planetary bodies of certain of them forever in a nondecaying and nondecomposing state after the sacred Rascooarno, or as they say, after death had proceeded in them.


“This definite sacred something would have remained for untold centuries in its pristine state among these three-brained beings who long ago ceased to have any reverence in their essence; but as in the presences of these contemporary, as it is possible to call them, ‘unconscious sacrilegists,’ a criminal passion has arisen that evokes in them a need to despoil even the sanctuaries of beings of past generations, they dug down even into this chamber which ought to have been for them a profoundly revered sanctuary, and they committed that blasphemous deed whose result is now the cause of my becoming aware with all my being of my mistake—of just that mistake I made when I so confidently assured you that nothing whatever had reached the beings of the contemporary civilization from the beings of epochs long past; whereas this said contemporary Egyptian event is a consequence of one result which reached them of the attainments of these ancient ancestors of theirs who used to exist on the continent Atlantis.


34 Russia


“After the second Transapalnian perturbation to this ill-starred planet of yours, that is, ‘after-the-loss-of-Atlantis,’ the action of the cosmic law Solioonensius in the general presences of these favorites of yours was actualized at least forty times and almost from the very beginning, each time, thanks already to this strange ‘need of freedom’ which has since been fixed in the majority of them, almost the same proceeded as in recent years still proceeds on that part of the surface of your planet on which the totality of the existing groups is called ‘Russia.’


37 France


“Are not the beings sitting here the same, and do they not behave as unbecomingly as the beings of the city Samlios on the continent Atlantis, which was considered by all the three-brained beings of that time as the ‘source-and-place-of-concentration-of-the-results-of-attainments-in-the-sense-of-the-perfecting-of-their-Reason’—or as the contemporary beings here would say, ‘the-chief-center-of-culture’—and where I also sat among the beings there in their, as they then called similar restaurants, ‘Sakroopiaks’?


“And after Atlantis had perished, and many, many centuries had passed, when I was on the continent Asia in the city of Koorkalai, their new center-of-culture of that ancient community there called Tikliamish, and sat at times among them in their Kaltaani which were similar also to contemporary restaurants, was I not witness of similar ‘scenes’?


“And during the time in which I have observed these unfortunates, not only whole peoples of many of their centers of culture have disappeared without trace, but also the terra firma on which they existed has either completely changed or disappeared from the face of that planet, as happened for instance to the continent Atlantis.


38 Religion


“Do you remember that I once told you that to that self-same Gemchania of the continent Ashhark, now Asia, beings of the continent Atlantis used to sail in the beginning for pearls, and how, later, that it was also they who first populated that country?


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“It is interesting, however, to notice that in the beginning, namely, soon after the destruction of the functioning of the organ Kundabuffer in the three-brained beings breeding on this planet of yours, they also became aware of these two higher being-foods, and then began to use them with cognized intention, and certain beings of the continent Atlantis of its latest period even began to consider these same processes of the absorption of these higher being-foods as the chief aim of their existence.


“The beings of the continent Atlantis then called the second being-food ‘Amarloos,’ which meant ‘help-for-the-moon,’ and they called the third being-food the ‘sacred Amarhoodan,’ and this last word then signified for them ‘help-for-God.’


“Here it is interesting to notice, that almost all three-brained beings arising on all the various planets of our Great Megalocosmos either know of or instinctively sense the holy planet Purgatory; it is only the three-brained beings arising on your planet who do not know of it, however only most of those who arose towards the end of the existence of the continent Atlantis and after its loss did not and do not know of it.


“As I have already said, in the beginning, that is to say before the loss of the continent Atlantis, the three-brained beings of your planet too, also had an approximate understanding of the holy planet Purgatory and there even then existed several Legominisms concerning it, and after the loss of that continent certain partial Legominisms concerning this holy planet Purgatory also survived through learned beings of that time who were by chance saved and began to be transmitted there from generation to generation. But later when, in the psyche of these strange three-brained beings there, that peculiar illness of theirs which I characterized by the words ‘to wiseacre’ began to arise, then they began their wiseacrings with this partial information which had reached them, and from this partial authentic information concerning the holy planet Purgatory there began to be formed and to be fixed, in the psyche of beings of subsequent generations, data for engendering such representations and understandings as are ideally defined by a certain exclamation of our highly esteemed incomparable Mullah Nassr Eddin, which consists of the following being-consonance ‘Chrkhrta-Zoorrt!’


“After the loss of the continent Atlantis, certain knowledge concerning the origin and significance of this same ‘being-ExioĆ«hary’ also survived, and this knowledge also began to pass from generation to generation.


40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“The perceiving and cognizing of the fundamental cosmic law of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh by the common presences of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, began for the first time on the continent Atlantis at that period when, do you remember, I already told you, certain beings there understood by themselves that something ‘not-quite-right’ proceeded in them and when they themselves discovered that they had certain possibilities of being able to destroy this something ‘not-quite-right’ and of becoming such as they ought to be.


“As a result of the conscious labors of these several learned three-brained beings of your planet, that branch of almost normal science then arose and began to grow on the continent Atlantis under the name of ‘Tazaloorinono,’ the sense of which meant ‘the-seven-aspectness-of-every-whole-phenomenon.’


“Evidently this branch of science on the continent Atlantis was so widely known that it was not found necessary to include anything about it in a Legominism, as was usually done, as I have already told you, by the learned beings of the continent Atlantis for all those notions, the knowledge of which they wished to transmit unchanged to beings of future generations.


“If a Legominism concerning this branch of science had also existed, then something or other would certainly have survived of this knowledge, as had survived of other knowledge attained by the beings of Atlantis, through those who were by chance saved after the loss of that continent.


“Do you remember, I already told you that on the continent of Asia there was a country Maralpleicie and that a king existed there by name Konuzion, a descendant of that learned member of the Society of Akhaldans who had gone there from Atlantis for the observation of all kinds of natural phenomena of their planet, just that same king who had invented for his subjects the ‘wise tale’ already mentioned by me in order to save them from the pernicious habit of chewing the seeds of the flower ‘Gulgulian.’


“Well then, in this new place of their permanent existence called China, these same two brothers were the first to constate and to cognize, after the loss of the continent Atlantis, the fundamental cosmic law of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh.


“This then so greatly astonished and interested them that they put aside all the problems they had previously set themselves and from then on exclusively and perseveringly occupied themselves with the investigation of this fact which had astonished them, and which they had first constated, and ultimately attained to those results which both before—even at the period of the existence of the continent Atlantis—and at any other period later, were unprecedented for the three-brained beings of your planet.


“In brief, then, for the second time on your planet, in this still quite young China, after the loss of the continent Atlantis, these two twin brothers again constated and categorically made clear that all the separate and, by their exterior, independent phenomena—if each of them is taken as a unit—are in the totality of their manifestations again seven secondary independent units, having their own subjective properties; that these secondary independent units in their turn, consist of seven tertiary units, and so on to infinity; and that in each of these primary, secondary, tertiary, etc., units, the processes of mutual relation and mutual influence proceed equally in every detail down to the smallest exactitudes and with equal consequences.


“And so, my boy, these great terrestrial learned beings now Saints, the twin brothers Choon-Kil-Tez arid Choon-Tro-Pel, were the first after the loss of Atlantis to lay anew the foundation of this knowledge. They not only laid anew the foundation of this ‘totality-of-special-information’ but they were even the first there on Earth who also constated two of the three chief law-conformable particularities present in that great law about which I have already spoken to you, and, namely, they were the first to constate two of its Mdnel-Ins; they then called that branch of genuine knowledge, similar to that which on the continent of Atlantis was called the ‘seven-aspectness-of-every-whole-phenomenon,’ the law of ‘ninefoldness,’ and they called it thus because they added to the seven obvious ‘different-manifestations,’ called by them ‘Dooczako,’ of this great law, these two particularities first constated by them and named by them ‘Sooanso-Toorabizo,’ which name meant ‘obligatory-gap-aspects-of-the-unbroken-flowing-of-the-whole.’ And they named this law thus, chiefly because during their detailed researches they became convinced beyond all doubt that in all the cosmic ‘transitory results’ they investigated, these particularities first constated by them likewise obligatorily always proceed in certain places of the process of this great law.


“This proceeded then chiefly because the practice—which had been established by the learned beings of the continent Atlantis—of handing down such information to the beings of subsequent generations only through beings who were genuine initiates, still continued among them.


“It was first discovered by that learned member of the society Akhaldan which existed on the continent Atlantis, who was a progenitor of these same learned twin brothers and who, do you remember, I have already told you, chanced to meet the first settlers of the country Maralpleicie and was later elected by them as their chief.


42 Beelzebub in America


“‘According to the information which has come down to us from ancient times and also according to our own common sense, it is plain that the Great Moses, who as we learn from another source was a very great authority on medicine, wished by this means to secure that the totality of substances accumulating in the said places might of itself be mechanically removed owing to all kinds of accidental contact and thus cease to become a factor for the arising of the mentioned maleficent itching. Concerning the vast learning of the Great Moses in the province of medicine, many diverse historical sources agree that he obtained his medical knowledge during his stay in Egypt as a pupil of the Egyptian high priests, to whom this knowledge had come down from their ancestors of the continent Atlantis, the first and last genuinely learned beings of the Earth, the members of the society then called Akhaldan.


“This particularity of their mentation—very complicated for any ‘logical analysis’ undertaken for the purpose of understanding it—engendering in them this false conviction, was during the whole of my observation of them, beginning with the end of the existence of the continent Atlantis, always, so to say, the ‘gravity center cause’ of almost all the more or less major events unfavorable for them in the process of their collective existence.


“This extraordinary fact occurred there before the loss of the continent Atlantis, in the process of the existence of a small group of three-brained beings who were concentrated from various large groupings of that time and who existed in isolation on the then famous island called ‘Balakhanira,’ situated on the west of Atlantis and which was engulfed within the planet at the same time as Atlantis itself.


43 Beelzebub’s Survey of the Process of the Periodic Reciprocal Destruction of Men, or Beelzebub’s Opinion of War


“Do you remember, I have told you that the beings of the continent Atlantis even considered this being-duty of theirs as sacred and called it ‘Amarloos,’ which in their language means ‘Help-to-the-Moon.’


“The three-brained beings of the continent Atlantis of that period, namely, the period then called the ‘Samliosian civilization,’ even devised and very strictly practiced certain customs that greatly contributed to the fulfillment of those being-duties as productively as possible.


“The beings of the continent Atlantis even very wisely and expediently devised the fulfillment of these two being-duties—namely, the duty of the perfecting of their higher bodies and the duty of serving the Most Great cosmic-Trogoautoegocrat—by uniting them into one and performing them simultaneously.


“The first two of these substantial buildings were then considered sacred by the beings of the continent Atlantis, and these buildings were for them the same as their ‘temples,’ ‘churches,’ ‘chapels,’ and other sacred places are for the contemporary beings of the Earth.


“When I descended for the first time on that planet and was on the continent Atlantis, I personally visited certain of these buildings and at that time became very well acquainted with their purpose.


“The beings of the continent Atlantis had a definite notion that beings of the male sex are sources of active manifestation, and hence in their Agoorokhrostiny they gave themselves up to active and conscious contemplation the whole time, and in this state performed these corresponding sacred mysteries, so that there should be transubstantiated in them the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis.


“Among the beings then on the continent Atlantis, conceptions of several definite, very peculiar symptoms were current, according to which the given beings were recognized and confined in the Anoroparionikima.


“Beings of the later period of the existence of the continent Atlantis had already many very good customs for normal being-existence; but, as regards the contemporary beings of your planet, one can only pity them, because owing to the second great calamity to their ill-fated planet, the said continent with everything upon it entered into the planet, and with it there disappeared also all those good customs for ordinary existence which had gradually during long centuries entered into the process of their ordinary existence.


“After that continent of Atlantis had perished, the custom was again on the point of being re-established among later three-brained beings there, of having special constructions similar to those of which I have just told you for the process of ordinary existence.


“They somewhat resembled the Gynekokhrostiny, such as had existed in Atlantis, and beings also of the female sex were put into them, and they were obliged to remain there during the whole of their menstruation.


44 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Understanding of Justice Is for Him in the Objective Sense an Accursed Mirage


“This mentioned elderly being of your planet existed just on the continent Atlantis and just at that period when that Makary Kronbernkzion existed there also.


“According to all the information I learned and also according to every other special method of my investigation, it transpired that this terrestrial three-brained being named Makary Kronbernkzion arose and began to exist there on the continent Atlantis from the sacred process of ‘Elmooarno’ which proceeded between two terrestrial beings there of different sex who had just reached responsible age.


“A Boolmarshano on the continent Atlantis was what the contemporary beings there have replaced by what they call ‘books.’


“In consequence of the fact that the contents of the said Boolmarshano then began to interest a greater and greater number of the beings of that period, then the leaders of the mentioned society decided to make several copies of it in order to place them in the same way in all the branches of the Church in other cities of that same continent Atlantis as well as on other continents.


“During the second Transapalnian perturbation to that ill-fated planet, this small continent Sinndraga, also just like the continent Atlantis, entered with all that was on it within the planet.