Study of Beelzebub's Tales




37 France


“Thus, in this same city Paris, about one and a half of their centuries ago, several of these Hasnamussian candidates ‘invented’ that the beings of the female sex there should go about with their hair cut, and this maleficent invention of theirs began to spread like wildfire by ways and means already established there.


“But as at that period, in the beings of the female sex of that same community France, the feelings of morality and patriarchality were still very strong, they did not adopt that maleficent invention; but the beings of the female sex of the communities called England and America did adopt it, and began to cut their hair.


“Moreover as the beings of the female sex of both these communities there began voluntarily to deprive themselves of that part of themselves which is adapted also by Great Nature for certain exchanges of cosmic substances, Nature did not fail to react and began to produce corresponding results, which will certainly take the forms, as had already occurred twice on this planet: the first time, in the country ‘Uneano,’ now ‘Kafiristan,’ where there appeared what are called ‘Amazons,’ and the second time in ancient Greece, where there was created the ‘religion of the poetess Sappho.’