Study of Beelzebub's Tales




23 The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


“For this purpose I must first of all inform you of two facts connected with the change in the common presences of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy.


“The first fact is that at the outset, while they were still existing normally, that is, as it is in general becoming to all three-brained beings to exist, and while they had what is called ‘Olooestesnokhnian sight,’ they could also perceive, at a distance proper to be perceived by ordinary three-brained beings, the visibility of all great as well as small cosmic concentrations existing beyond them during every process of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh which proceeded in their atmosphere.


“In addition, those of them who were consciously perfected and had thereby brought the sensibility of the perception of their organ of sight—like three-brained beings everywhere else—up to what is called the ‘Olooessultratesnokhnian state,’ acquired the possibility of perceiving also the visibility of all these cosmic units situated at the same distance, which arise and have their further existence dependent upon the crystallizations localized directly from the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is to say, from the emanations of our most holy Sun Absolute.


30 Art


“Objective science has already accurately established that the number of separate interblendings of ‘gravity-center-vibrations-from-the-common-integral-vibration,’ namely, the ‘tonalities-of-color,’ is exactly equal to one ‘Hooltanpanas,’ that is to say, according to the calculations of the terrestrial three-brained beings, of five million, seven hundred and sixty-four thousand eight hundred and one tonalities.


“Only a third of this total number of the blendings or tonalities, with the exception of the one tonality which is accessible only to the perception of our ALL-MAINTAINING ENDLESSNESS, that is to say, one million, nine hundred and twenty-one thousand and six hundred tonalities, perceived by the beings as ‘differences-of-color,’ can be perceived by all the ordinary beings on whatever planet of our Great Universe they arise.


“But if the three-brained beings complete the perfecting of their highest part, their perceiving organ of visibility thereby acquires the sensibility of what is called ‘Olooestesnokhnian sight,’ then they can already distinguish two-thirds of the total number of tonalities existing in the Universe, which number, according to terrestrial calculation, amounts to three million, eight hundred and forty-three thousand and two hundred differences of tonality of color.


“And only those three-brained beings who perfect their highest being-part to the state of what is called ‘Ischmetch’ become able to perceive and distinguish all the mentioned number of blendings and tonalities, with the exception of that one tonality which, as I have already told you, is accessible to the perception only of our ALL-MAINTAINING CREATOR.