Study of Beelzebub's Tales




40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“In order that you may better represent to yourself and well understand why just such a small planetary formation as I mentioned, named Papaveroon or poppy, was the cause of the constatation by these great terrestrial learned beings of that most great cosmic law, you must first of all know, that on all planets, for the purposes of the transformation of common-cosmic substances during the process of ‘Iraniranumange,’ there arise, among all kinds of surplanetary and intraplanetary formations in general as well as among formations called ‘flora’ in particular, three classes of formations.


“The formations belonging to the first class are called ‘Oonastralnian-arisings’; those belonging to the second class, ‘Okhtatralnian-arisings’; and those belonging to the third class, ‘Polormedekhtian-arisings.’


“Through the Oonastralnian-arisings there are transformed in their evolutionary or involutionary processes those cosmic crystallizations or ‘active elements’ which obtain their arising only from the substances transformed by that planet itself, on which that kind of surplanetary or intraplanetary formation is formed for the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange.


“Through the Okhtatralnian-arisings there are transformed, besides what I have mentioned, also those active elements which obtain their primary arisings from the substances transformed by the sun itself and the other planets of the given solar system.


“And through the arisings of the third class, namely, the Polormedekhtian, there are transformed besides the first two classes also all those active elements which primarily arise from the transformations of the substances of various cosmic concentrations belonging to other ‘Solar-systems’ of our common Megalocosmos.