Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“And all the results of the ‘evolution’ and ‘involution’ of these active elements, actualizing the Trogoautoegocratic principle of existence of everything existing in the Universe by means of reciprocal feeding and maintaining each other’s existence, produce the said common-cosmic process ‘Iraniranumange,’ or, as I have already said, what objective science calls ‘common-cosmic-exchange-of-substances.’


“Before continuing to relate further how this was actualized, it is necessary to tell you that the functioning of the mentioned common-cosmic Iraniranumange is harmonized in such a way that all the results obtained from transformations in different cosmoses localize themselves together according to what is called ‘qualitativeness of vibrations,’ and these localizations penetrate everywhere throughout the Universe and take a corresponding part in planetary as well as in surplanetary formations, and generally have as the temporary place of their free concentration the what are called atmospheres, with which all the planets of our Megalocosmos are surrounded and through which connection is established for the common-cosmic Iraniranumange.


“And so, the further results of this Divine attention in respect of the mentioned Tetartocosmoses consisted in this, that during their serving as apparatuses for the most great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, the possibility was obtained in them that from among the cosmic substances transformed through them, both for the needs of the Most Most Great common-cosmic Sacred Trogoautoegocrat, as well as for the supply of substances expended by them for the process of their own existence, and composed exclusively of cosmic crystallizations which are derived from the transformations of that planet itself on which the given Tetartocosmoses arose, such results began to be obtained in their common presences under the mentioned conditions as proceed from cosmic sources of a higher order and, consequently, composed of what are called vibrations of ‘greater vivifyingness.’


“Although the process of the transformation of substances for the continuation of the species by means of us or by means of the common presences of your favorites does not proceed exactly as it proceeded in the first Tetartocosmoses who were transformed into beings, nevertheless we shall take them as an example, since the process itself of the transformation of cosmic substances for the needs of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat proceeds through their common presences exactly as it proceeded through the first Tetartocosmoses; at the same time you will acquire information concerning several other small details of the strange particularities of their psyche, and also gain information relating to how they in general understand, and how they regard, their being-duty in the sense of serving the common-cosmic process of Iraniranumange, destroying for the beatification of their own belly every kind of law-conformable foreseeing actualization for the welfare of the whole Megalocosmos.


“As for those particularities of the transformation of cosmic substances, thanks to which the continuation of the species of different beings at the present time proceeds differently, for the present I will say only this, that the cause depends on the place of concentration of the sacred AshagiprotoĆ«hary, i.e., on the place of concentration of those cosmic substances, which are the results of the last Stopinder in the common-cosmic Ansanbaluiazar.


“Now, my boy, I shall begin by repeating: all your favorites, even the contemporary, are—like us and like all the other three-centered beings of our Megalocosmos—such apparatuses for the Great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat just as the Tetartocosmoses were, from whom arose the first ancestors of the now existing beings as well as the beings now existing everywhere. And through each of them the cosmic substances arising in all seven Stopinders of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh could be transformed, and all of them, again even the contemporary, besides serving as apparatuses for the Most Great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, could have all possibilities for absorbing from those cosmic substances which are transformed through them what is corresponding for the coating and for the perfecting in them of both higher-being-bodies; because each three-brained being arisen on this planet of yours represents in himself also, in all respects, just like every three-brained being in all our Universe, an exact similarity of the whole Megalocosmos.


“Each of them to the smallest detail is exactly similar, but of course in miniature, to the whole of our Megalocosmos, and in each of them there are all of those separate functionings, which in our common Megalocosmos actualize the cosmic harmonious Iraniranumange or ‘exchange of substances,’ maintaining the existence of everything existing in the Megalocosmos as one whole.


“And so, my boy, this totality of their first being-food which results from the evolution in these beings-apparatuses, corresponds with its vibrations to the last Stopinder of the being-Heptaparaparshinokh, and according to the particularity of this Stopinder, it enters the ‘higher-intentionally-actualizing-Mdnel-In’ of the law of Heptaparaparshinokh; and in order to transform completedly into new higher substances and in order to acquire vibrations corresponding to the vibrations of the next higher vivifyingness, namely, corresponding to the fifth Stopinder of the fundamental process of the common-cosmic Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, it inevitably requires just that foreign help which is actualized only in the presences of the three-brained beings exclusively owing to those factors mentioned by me more than once and which are manifested in the ‘being-Partkdolg-duty,’ that is, owing to just those factors which our COMMON FATHER CREATOR ENDLESSNESS consented to foreordain to be the means by which certain of the Tetartocosmoses—as a final result of their serving the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange—might become helpers in the ruling of the enlarged World, and which factors also until now serve as the sole possible means for the assimilation of the cosmic substances required for the coating and perfecting of the higher being-bodies and which we at the present time call ‘conscious labors’ and ‘intentional suffering.’


40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“In order that you may better represent to yourself and well understand why just such a small planetary formation as I mentioned, named Papaveroon or poppy, was the cause of the constatation by these great terrestrial learned beings of that most great cosmic law, you must first of all know, that on all planets, for the purposes of the transformation of common-cosmic substances during the process of ‘Iraniranumange,’ there arise, among all kinds of surplanetary and intraplanetary formations in general as well as among formations called ‘flora’ in particular, three classes of formations.


“The formations belonging to the first class are called ‘Oonastralnian-arisings’; those belonging to the second class, ‘Okhtatralnian-arisings’; and those belonging to the third class, ‘Polormedekhtian-arisings.’


“Through the Oonastralnian-arisings there are transformed in their evolutionary or involutionary processes those cosmic crystallizations or ‘active elements’ which obtain their arising only from the substances transformed by that planet itself, on which that kind of surplanetary or intraplanetary formation is formed for the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange.


“Through the Okhtatralnian-arisings there are transformed, besides what I have mentioned, also those active elements which obtain their primary arisings from the substances transformed by the sun itself and the other planets of the given solar system.


“And through the arisings of the third class, namely, the Polormedekhtian, there are transformed besides the first two classes also all those active elements which primarily arise from the transformations of the substances of various cosmic concentrations belonging to other ‘Solar-systems’ of our common Megalocosmos.


“The surplanetary flora-formation mentioned by me, named on your planet the plant Papaveroon, belongs to the class of Polormedekhtian-arisings and through it there evolves or involves what is called the ‘totality-of-the-results-of-the-transformation’ of all other cosmic ‘gravity-center-concentrations,’ which come into the atmosphere of this planet of yours through the common-cosmic process of what is called ‘ubiquitous-diffusion-by-the-radiations-of-all-kinds-of-cosmic-concentrations.’


“That is why, my boy, this, as it is now called there, ‘Chinese seven-toned subdivision of the octave of sound’ simplified by the mentioned Chai-Yoo, which has reached down to your contemporary favorites and which is used at the present time by them for all their sound-producing instruments enumerated by me, might still, as I have already said, partly serve for, so to say, the ‘practical confrontative study’ and approximate cognizance of how in the process of the Most Great Trogoautoegocrat, from what is called the ‘flowing-of-some-vibrations-from-others,’ cosmic substances arise of different ‘density’ and ‘vivifyingness,’ and in which way, uniting and disuniting among themselves, they form large and small ‘relatively independent’ concentrations and thus actualize the common cosmic Iraniranumange.


45 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Extraction of Electricity from Nature and Its Destruction During Its Use, Is One of the Chief Causes of the Shortening of the Life of Man


“The three-brained beings arising and existing on the planet Mars as well as the three-centered beings of all those planets of our Megalocosmos on which an existence normal for three-centered beings proceeds, also have full possibility of reaching the state of the sacred Ischmetch, namely, that being-state when the existence of a being already becomes dependent, as regards the Most Great cosmic Iraniranumange, only on those substances which arise directly from the manifestations of the Most Most Holy Prime Source Itself, and not as it proceeds in the other beings whose existence depends on cosmic substances arising through the results of all corresponding gravity-center concentrations of the common-cosmic fundamental Ansanbaluiazar.


46 Beelzebub Explains to His Grandson the Significance of the Form and Sequence Which He Chose for Expounding the Information Concerning Man


“I am glad for you more particularly because the said data, necessary for a being, begin to function in you just at the time when there are crystallized and formed in you all those being-data, the crystallization of which does not at all depend upon a being’s own Reason but depends exclusively only upon surrounding beings, external conditions, and the Most Great common-cosmic Iraniranumange.