Study of Beelzebub's Tales




31 The Sixth and Last Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


“Here it will be very useful for the development of your reason, if to your common presence is added a ‘logicnestarian-implantation’ from information concerning one particular very peculiar property which is acquired in the psyche of these contemporary professionals of the planet Earth.


32 Hypnotism


“And the second fact—the fact ensuing from the abnormal conditions of the being-existence of your favorites—is that when, from the very beginning of the arising of their offspring, they intentionally try by every kind of means, for the purpose of making them respond to these abnormal conditions round them, to fix in their ‘logicnestarian-localizations’ as many impressions as possible obtained exclusively only from such artificial perceptions as are again due to the results of their abnormal existence—which maleficent action of theirs towards their offspring they call ‘education’—then the totality of all such artificial perceptions gradually segregates itself in their common presences and acquires its own independent functioning, connected only as much with the functioning of their planetary body as is necessary merely for its automatic manifestation, and the totality of these artificial perceptions is then perceived by them, owing to their naïvete, as their real ‘consciousness.’ But as for the sacred data for genuine being-consciousness put into them by Great Nature—which consciousness ought to be possessed by them from the very beginning of their preparation for responsible existence together with the properties inherent in them which engender in them the genuine sacred being-impulses of ‘faith,’ ‘hope,’ ‘love,’ and ‘conscience’—these data, becoming gradually also isolated and being left to themselves, evolve independently of the intentions of the responsible beings, and of course also independently of the bearers of them themselves, and come to be regarded as what is called the ‘subconsciousness.’


“Thanks only to such a, in the objective sense, maleficence, but according to their naïve subjective understanding ‘benevolence’ towards their offspring, all the sacred data put in by Great Nature Herself for forming in them their real being-consciousness become isolated and remain during the entire period of their existence in their almost primitive state, and every kind of impression unavoidably perceived by means of the six ‘being-Skernalitsionniks,’ or, in their terminology, ‘sense-organs,’ present in their presences for the specific perception of externals—by the way, they count them as five—come to be localized and, acquiring their isolated functioning, gradually become predominant for the whole of their common presence.


“Although such a ‘localization’ of accidentally perceived ‘impressions’ is found in them and although they are aware of its action, yet, in respect of any functioning inherent in their planetary body as well as in respect of the acquisition in their common presence of Objective-Reason, it plays no part.


“All these impressions, intentionally or accidentally perceived, from which the said localizations are formed ought to be in them only as material for confrontative logic for that real being-consciousness which they should have in themselves, and the accidental results of the perception of which, in their naïvete, they sometimes now confidently regard merely as reflexes of their, in their opinion, insignificant what is called ‘animal instinct.’


“Only thanks to the single fact that your favorites, especially the contemporary ones, do not know at all and even do not suspect the necessity of at least adapting their famous education to the said subconsciousness of their offspring, but that they always and in everything intentionally assist every one of the rising generation to perceive impressions only from the abnormally artificial, then thanks only to this, when every one of them reaches the age of a responsible being all his being-judgments and all his deductions from them are always purely peculiarly-subjective in him and have no connection not only with the genuine being-impulses arising also in him, but also neither with those general cosmic lawful phenomena, to sense which by Reason is proper to every three-brained being, and by means of which there is established that connection between all the three-brained beings of all our Great Universe for the collective fulfillment of the common universal functioning, for which purpose everything existing in the Universe just exists.


“For your wider understanding of this particular ‘psychic state’ it is necessary to tell you further that even up to now they arise with every kind of data for acquiring genuine being-Reason, and at their arising there are not yet in their presences any ‘logicnestarian-growths’ from which there is later localized and from which there is acquired the isolated functioning in them of the said ‘false consciousness.’ But only later, during their development and their preparation to become responsible beings, either by themselves or by the intentional directing of their as they call them ‘parents’ or ‘teachers’—that is to say, responsible beings who undertake the responsibility of the preparation of the given beings for responsible existence—they begin, as I said, to help intentionally in taking in and fixing only those impressions which later are data for the impulses corresponding to surrounding abnormally established conditions; and only then, being gradually formed, there just begins to be predominant in their common presence this said artificially formed ‘consciousness’ of theirs.


“And the totality of these localized data, existing in their presences and spiritualized in them for the genuine being-consciousness which they call subconsciousness, not having and not acquiring any ‘logicnestarian-growths’ for confrontation and criticism, but having from the very beginning only possibilities of engendering the sacred being-impulses called ‘faith,’ ‘love,’ ‘hope,’ and ‘conscience,’ always believes, always loves, and always hopes in everything newly perceived.


37 France


“When I went this time to that capital named ‘Paris’—which, by the way, had now in the logicnestarian-crystallization of the contemporary three-brained beings of your planet, breeding on all the continents, already completely become also such a center of their imagined culture as the cities Samlios, Koorkalai, Babylon and so on, were for the beings of former periods in their time—I went straight from the railway station to the hotel which had been recommended to me while still in the city of Berlin by an acquaintance of mine.


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“In certain of the beings there, particularly of recent times, their being-Aimnophnian-mentation or perceptible logic has already become such that they can very clearly see this same ‘God’ of theirs in their picturings, almost with a comb sticking out of his left vest pocket, with which he sometimes combs his famous beard.


“Such a superpeculiar being-Aimnophnian-mentation about their ‘God’ proceeded in your favorites chiefly from the Hasnamussian manifestations of those ‘learned’ beings who, you remember, I have already told you, assembled in the city of Babylon and collectively began to invent various maleficent fictions concerning their ‘God,’ which were afterwards by chance widely spread everywhere on that ill-fated planet. And in view of the fact that that period coincided with the time when the three-brained beings there began to exist particularly ‘Selzelnualno,’ i.e., particularly ‘passively,’ in the sense of the being-efforts proper to three-centered beings, therefore these maleficent inventions were thoroughly absorbed and appropriated by the beings.


“And afterwards, in their transmission from generation to generation by inheritance, they gradually began to be crystallized into such monstrous ‘logicnestarian-materials,’ with the result that in the psyche of the contemporary three-brained beings there, there began to proceed such an already exceptionally distorted being-Aimnophnian-mentation.