Study of Beelzebub's Tales




23 The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth


At this point of Beelzebub’s tales, he was given a “Leitoochanbros,” that is, a special metal plate on which is recorded the text of an etherogram received from somewhere or other, the addressee having only to hold it to his perceptive hearing organ to hear everything communicated in it.


When Beelzebub had in this way heard the contents of the Leitoochanbros handed to him, he turned to his grandson and said:


“You see, my boy, what coincidences occur in our Great Universe.

“The contents of this etherogram concern just your favorites in connection with these terrestrial beings I have just mentioned, that is, these apes.

“It has been sent to me from the planet Mars, and among other things there is communicated in it that the three-centered beings of the planet Earth have again begun to revive what is called the ‘Ape question.’


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


At this point in his narrative, Beelzebub was interrupted by a ship’s servant who gave him a ‘Leitoochanbros,’ which he put to his ear and began to listen to its contents.


40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


After Beelzebub had listened to what was communicated in the “Leitoochanbros” handed to him, his grandson Hassein again turned to him and said:


42 Beelzebub in America


In this place of his tales Beelzebub was handed a ‘Leitoochanbros,’ and when he had finished listening to the contents of the communication he turned again to Hassein and said:


44 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Understanding of Justice Is for Him in the Objective Sense an Accursed Mirage


At this point of Beelzebub’s tales, there entered that part of the cosmic ship Karnak where the conversations took place one of the servants of the ship, who gave Beelzebub a newly received ‘Leitoochanbros’ addressed to him; and on leaving he turned to everybody and joyfully exclaimed that the reflections of the sphere of the planet Karatas could already be seen.


45 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Extraction of Electricity from Nature and Its Destruction During Its Use, Is One of the Chief Causes of the Shortening of the Life of Man


After Beelzebub had listened to the contents of the Leitoochanbros and had put it by the side of the “Sinooa” near him, that is, something similar to our etagere, he again deeply sighed and continued to speak as follows: