Study of Beelzebub's Tales




41 The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov


“‘When the excitement aroused by our new meeting had abated, and when we had unpacked all the things my young friend had brought on camels—among which by the way were some of the famous contemporary European what are called “Roentgen apparatus,” almost fifty “elements of Bunsen,” several “accumulators,” and several bales of different materials for “electric wiring”—we began to talk quietly and from what he related about himself I learned with great grief the following:


“‘Among other preparations he, with the help of the Bunsen elements, first put into operation the action of the Roentgen apparatus.


“‘And already three days after his arrival, that began which was the cause of the arising of permanent electric lighting in our caves.


“‘And it began in the following way: As we were making certain experiments by means of my vibrometers and calculating the vibrations of the electric current which produces X rays in the Roentgen apparatus, we noticed that the number of vibrations of the electric current obtained by means of these Bunsen elements all the time either increased or diminished; and because the number of vibrations in a certain length of time were most important for our elucidations during the flowing of the electric current, it then became clear to us that that kind of electric current was absolutely useless for the elucidations we required.