Study of Beelzebub's Tales




16 The Relative Understanding of Time


“It may not be without interest for you to know that all these calculations were partly explained to me by the Great Arch-Engineer of the Universe, His Measurability, Archangel Algamatant. MAY HE BE PERFECTED UNTO THE HOLY ANKLAD….

“He explained this to me when, on the occasion of the first great misfortune to this planet Earth, he came to the planet Mars as one of the sacred members of the third Most Great Commission; and the captain of the trans-space ship Omnipresent, with whom I had several friendly talks during that journey, also partly explained it to me during my journey home.


21 The First Visit of Beelzebub to India


“May my dear and kind Grandfather become worthy to be perfected to the degree of the sacred ‘Anklad’!”


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“So then, from that time on, this holy planet arose with the name of Purgatory, and its chief organization and government was undertaken at His own wish by Our All-Quarters-Maintainer, the Great Arch Cherub Helkgematios, that same Great Helkgematios who after the creation of the World first merited the Sacred Anklad, that is, first acquired that degree of Reason which alone it is in general possible for an independent Individual, whatever his nature, to attain, and which is third in degree after the Absolute Reason of our ENDLESSNESS.


47 The Inevitable Result of Impartial Mentation


Thou Long Patient CREATOR Of All That Breathes,
Thou Abundantly LOVING CAUSE Of All That Exists,
Thou Unique VANQUISHER Of The Merciless Heropass,
Now To The Sounds Of Our Glorifying
Only Rejoice And Abide In Beatitude.
By Thy Unprecedented Labors Thou Hast Given Us The Beginning Of Our Arisings,
By Thy Vanquishing Of The Heropass Have We Obtained The Possibility
Of Perfecting Ourselves To The Sacred Anklad.
And Now Only Rest, As Merited,
And We, In Gratitude, Will Maintain All That Thou Hast Created
And Always And In All Things Will Extol Thee Forever,
Thou, The Beginning Of All Ends,
Thou, Proceeding From Infinity,
Thou, Having The End Of All Things Within Thyself,


As the fourth fork began to be formed on the horns, the tension among those assembled reached its height, since the formation of the fourth fork on the horns signified that the Reason of Beelzebub had already been perfected to the sacred Ternoonald and hence that there remained for Beelzebub only two gradations before attaining to the sacred Anklad.


All fell prostrate before Beelzebub because by the fifth fork on his horns it was indicated that He had attained the Reason of the sacred Podkoolad, i.e., the last gradation before the Reason of the sacred Anklad.


The Reason of the sacred Anklad is the highest to which in general any being can attain, being the third in degree from the Absolute Reason of HIS ENDLESSNESS HIMSELF.


But the Reason of the sacred Podkoolad, to which Beelzebub had already perfected himself, is also very rare in the Universe, hence even the venerable archangel prostrated himself before Beelzebub because his own degree of Reason was as yet only that of the sacred Degindad, i.e., wanting three degrees to the Reason of the sacred Anklad.