Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“I might say here, that there even exists in our Great Megalocosmos a planet on which this sacred law Heptaparaparshinokh carries out its completing process for the continuation of the species of the three-brained beings, through three independent individuals. You might as well be acquainted somewhat in detail with this uncommon planet.

“This planet is called Modiktheo and belongs to the system of the ‘Protocosmos.’

“Beings arising on this planet are three-brained, like all other three-brained beings arising on all the planets of our Great Megalocosmos, and in their exterior appearance are almost similar to us, and at the same time are—and are also so considered by all others—the most ideal and perfect of all the innumerable various-formed exterior coatings of three-brained beings in all our Great Universe; and all our now existing angels, archangels, and most of the Sacred Individuals nearest to our COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS arise just upon this marvelous planet.

“The transformation through them of the cosmic substances required for the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, according to the sacred law of Heptaparaparshinokh, proceeds on these same principles on which it proceeds through our common presences and also through the presences of your favorites, the three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth. For the continuation of their species alone does this sacred law effect its completing process through three kinds of beings, wherefore such three-brained beings are called ‘Triakrkomnian’; separately, however, just as among us beings of different sexes are called Actavus and Passavus or are called on your planet man and woman, so there on the planet Modiktheo they call the beings of the different sexes ‘Martna,’ ‘Spirna,’ and ‘Okina,’ and although externally they are all alike, yet in their inner construction they are very different from each other.


“The process of the continuation of their species proceeds among them in the following manner:


“All three beings of different sexes simultaneously receive the ‘sacred Elmooarno,’ or as your favorites say ‘conception,’ through a special action, and for a certain period they exist with this sacred Elmooarno or ‘conception’ apart from one another, entirely independently, but each of them exists with very definite intentional perceptions and conscious manifestations.


“And later, when the time approaches for the manifestation of the results of these conceptions, or when, as your favorites say, the time of birth approaches, there becomes evident in all these three uncommon beings, as it is called, an ‘Aklonoatistitchian’ longing for each other, or as your favorites would say, there appears in them a ‘physico-organic-attraction.’ And the nearer the time of this being-manifestation or birth approaches, the more they press close to each other and ultimately almost grow onto each other; and thereupon at one and the same time, they actualize in a certain way these conceptions of theirs.


“And so, during their actualization of their conceptions, all these three conceptions merge one with another, and in this way there appears in our Megalocosmos a new three-brained being of such an uncommon construction.


“And three-centered beings of this kind are ideal in our Megalocosmos, because at their very arising they already have all the being-bodies.


“And they have all three being-bodies because the producers of such a being, namely, Martna, Spirna, and Okina, each separately conceives the arising of one of the three being-bodies, and owing to their special corresponding being-existences they aid the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh to form the given being-body in themselves to perfection and afterwards, at the moment of appearance, merge it with the other bodies into one.


“Note, by the way, my boy, that the beings arising on that incomparable and marvelous planet have no need, like the three-brained beings arising on other ordinary planets of our Megalocosmos, to coat their higher-being-bodies with the help of those factors which our CREATOR designed as means of perfecting—namely, those factors which we now call ‘conscious labors’ and ‘intentional suffering.’