Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“Well, then, when this helpless position of these higher being-bodies who had become ‘independent-cosmic Sacred Individuals’ perfected in Reason, but who were not corresponding in their presences, first became apparent, our ALL-LOVING CREATOR, being infinitely just and merciful, quickly began to take all corresponding measures concerning such an unforeseen and sorrowful phenomenon.


“This grievous phenomenon of these Sacred Individuals put them indeed in a helpless position, because, although having no possibility on account of those mentioned ‘sins’ in their presences of uniting with the Bosom of the Prime-Source of the Whole, they at the same time, having attained that gradation of the sacred measure of Reason which brings them into subjection to the second-grade cosmic law named ‘Tetetzender,’ had lost the possibility of free existence on the surface of ordinary planets.


“Then among the various Divine measures undertaken, there followed HIS Decree, to choose the very best planet in the whole of our Great Megalocosmos, specially to arrange its surface, and to leave it for the free further existence of these higher being-bodies who were perfected in Reason, so that in this way they might receive all the possibilities for self-purification from the undesirable elements which were in their presences.