Study of Beelzebub's Tales




40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“And so this same guide, being aware with the whole of his Being of the important significance of this responsibility taken upon himself in relation to this new being who has, in the said manner, only as yet reached his preparatory age, begins according to conscience impartially to create for his Oskiano every kind of what are called ‘inner-and-outer-factors’ for the perceiving of corresponding impressions in order to crystallize in his common presence all those data, the totality of which alone can give to the three-brained being who has reached responsible age the power to be ‘Svolibroonolnian,’ or, as your favorites there on Earth would say, the ‘potency-not-to-be-identified-with-and-not-to-be-affected-by-externals-through-one’s-inevitably-inherent-passions’; and this being-impulse, engendered in the being with these data, can alone help him to acquire the possibility of a free and impartial constatation of all true phenomena appearing in the cosmic results around him.