Study of Beelzebub's Tales




40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“By the way, you should know that this same Hydrogen of theirs is just one of those seven cosmic substances which in their general totality actualize specially for the given solar system what is called the ‘inner Ansapalnian-octave’ of cosmic substances, which independent octave, in its turn, is a one-seventh independent part of the fundamental ‘common-cosmic Ansapalnian-octave.’


“Such an inner independent Ansapalnian-octave is likewise present in that solar system to which our dear Karatas belongs, and we call these seven heterogeneous cosmic substances of different properties:

(1) Planekurab—which is just their Hydrogen
(2) Alillonofarab
(3) Krilnomolnifarab
(4) Talkoprafarab
(5) Khritofalmonofarab
(6) Sirioonorifarab
(7) Klananoizufarab


“And on your planet the genuine learned beings at different periods called by various names these same seven relatively independent crystallizations of different properties or, according to their expression, active elements, which compose the inner Ansapalnian-octave of their own solar system; the contemporary, as they are called, learned chemists there, however, who are already ‘learned-of-new-formation-of-the-first-water,’ call them:

(1) Hydrogen
(2) Fluorine
(3) Chlorine
(4) Bromine
(5) Iodine


“For the last two definite crystallizations they have no names at all because their names did not reach them from their ancestors, and at the present time they even do not suspect the existence on their planet of these two cosmic substances, although these two cosmic substances are the principal necessary factors for their own existence.


“These two latter cosmic substances, which might be quite tangible and quite accessible in all spheres of their planet, were still known only about two centuries ago among the ‘scientific beings’ there who were then called ‘alchemists’—but whom the contemporary ‘comic-scientists’ simply call ‘occult-charlatans,’ considering them to be only ‘exploiters of human na├»vete’—and were called by them ‘Hydro-oomiak’ and ‘Petrkarmak.’