Study of Beelzebub's Tales




37 France


“‘And they concoct this “melange” in the following way: the branch of the firm here, advertising itself well by American methods, is already widely known to my compatriots, and therefore, many of them, owing to always their same “vanity” and to other weaknesses, proper by the way to those beings of whom my compatriots mostly consist, always order their so-called fashionable dresses from this branch here, and the branch here sends to them “from the capital of the world” “real French models.”


“‘All this is done “quite honorably,” according to all contemporary commercial rules on the basis of “triple-entry bookkeeping” and “Shachermacher-accounting.”


“‘As regards, so to say, the “intimate side of the business” of this American “solid firm” of ours, founded by various American “sharks,” it is just here that these “sharks” skin everyone, and this only for the benefit of their own bottomless pockets.