Study of Beelzebub's Tales




18 The Arch-preposterous


“Pointing to a ‘something’ very much like the apparatus existing also on your planet and called there ‘voltmeter’ he said:

“‘One of the advantages of this new invention of mine for the demonstration of the given phenomenon is that in spite of the unusual power of the process of the “force-of-striving,” now proceeding there, the what are called “Salnichizinooarnian-momentum-vibrations,” which most beings consider also to be “rays,” and which ought to be obtained and to issue from this process, do not issue out of the place of their arising, that is, out of this construction in which the particularities of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh are being elucidated.


“‘And in order that the beings who are outside of this part of my invention may nevertheless also have the possibility of elucidating the force of the given process, I intentionally made the composition of the material of the wall in one place such that it has the property of permitting the passage through it of the said “Salnichizinooarnian-momentum-vibrations” or “rays.”’


“‘Furthermore, according to the law called “Heteratogetar,” the “Salnichizinooarnian-momentum-vibrations” or “rays” acquire the property of acting on the organs of perception of beings only after they have passed a limit defined by science in the following formula: “the-result-of-the-manifestation-is-proportionate-to-the-force-of-striving-received-from-the-shock.”