Study of Beelzebub's Tales




48 From the Author


A man who has in his common presence his own “I” enters one of the streams of the river of life; and the man who has not, enters the other.


The subsequent fate of any drop in the general river of life is determined at the dividing of the waters, according to the stream the drop happens to enter.


And it is determined, as has already been said, by the fact that one of these two streams ultimately empties itself into the ocean, that is, into that sphere of general Nature which often has what is called repeated “reciprocal exchange of substances between various great cosmic concentrations” through the process of what is called “Pokhdalissdjancha,” a part of which process, by the way, contemporary people name “cyclone”: in consequence of which this drop of water has the possibility to evolve, as it is, to the next higher concentration.