Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“At the present time, very many of these ‘monasteries’ exist there, and these innumerable ‘monks’ who enter them do indeed strictly abstain from the ejection from themselves in the customary way of the being-Exioëhary I or sperm formed in them; but of course, no sensible result at all is ever obtained from this abstinence of theirs, and it is not obtained, because the thought has ceased even to enter the heads of these unfortunate ‘contemporary’ monks that although it is indeed possible, by means of these substances Exioëhary formed in them, to perfect themselves, yet this can proceed exclusively only if the second and third being-foods are intentionally absorbed and consciously digested in one’s presence, and this is possible exclusively only if all the parts of one’s presence have been accustomed beforehand consciously to fulfill both sacred being-Partkdolg-duties, that is to fulfill ‘conscious labors’ and ‘intentional sufferings.’


“It is however unjust to say that no sensible result at all is obtained among these monks there. There are even obtained among them ‘sensible results’ of two independent kinds.


“So that you may understand why these mentioned two independent kinds of results are obtained among the contemporary abstaining monks, I must repeat to you once again that, according to the fundamental cosmic sacred law of Heptaparaparshinokh, if everything in general existing in our Megalocosmos, the great as well as the small, does not receive in the process of evolution at the time of its passing through both ‘Mdnel-Ins’ of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh corresponding foreign help coming from outside, then it begins to involve back to those definite states from which it began its evolution.


“The same of course proceeds with the definite cosmic substances which are formed in the presences of these same terrestrial abstaining monks.


“And so, my boy, in consequence of the fact that these terrestrial ‘monks,’ particularly the contemporary, do not intentionally aid the further evolution of these substances inevitably formed in them from the constant use of the first being-food, that is, do not actualize any ‘being-Partkdolg-duty’ at all in their common presences, either intentionally or even automatically, and at the same time they do not remove these substances from themselves in the normal way foredesigned by Nature, then these substances begin to involve in them themselves, and during this involution of being-Exioëhary or sperm there is worked out, among the many transient definite substances which are in general formed in their common presences by such an involutionary process, a definite transient substance which has the property of having two kinds of action on the general functioning of the planetary body of a being.


“The first kind of action of this definite substance consists in this, that it promotes the depositing of superfluous what is called ‘Karatsiag,’ or, as they call it there, ‘fat.’ And its second kind of action promotes the arising and the dispersing over the whole planetary body of what are called ‘Poisonioonoskirian-vibrations.’


“The consequence of all this is that in the first case these terrestrial abstaining monks become extraordinarily, as it is usually said there, fat, and sometimes one indeed meets among these fat monks specimens with such an abundant deposit of fat, that they could give many points to that form of being there which they expressly fatten in order to increase this same fat in their planetary bodies, and this form of being they call there ‘pig.’


“And in the second case, on the contrary, these abstaining monks become, as it is also usually said there, ‘meager-thin’; and the action of the ‘Poisonioonoskirian-vibrations’ which penetrate through them is chiefly evident in their general psyche which becomes sharply dual and the manifestations of which are divided into two diametrically opposite kinds—the outer, visible and for show, sensed by everyone around them, and the inner and hidden, which the ordinary beings there, especially the contemporary, are entirely incapable of ascertaining or perceiving—namely, in their outer visible manifestations, these ‘Poisonioonoskirian-monks’ appear to be what your favorites would express as ‘bigots’ of a high degree; and in their hidden inner manifestations, not shown to others, what your favorites would call ‘expert cynics,’ also of a high degree.


“As regards the causes why ‘Poisonioonoskirian-vibrations’ are obtained among certain of the abstaining monks from the involutionary process of the Exioëhary instead of the deposit of fat, there even exists one very detailed theory there about this, worked out by certain, as they are called, ‘Catholic monks’ who, several centuries ago, proved in great detail that this proceeds because in the first year of their existence these same ‘thin monks’ very zealously occupied themselves with that occupation from which ‘pimples’—known even to medicine there—generally appear on the faces of young beings there.


“For a full representation and understanding concerning the significance of this kind of abstinence among contemporary monks there, it remains for me to add that of which I became convinced during my last sojourn there among them, and, namely, that already, thanks only to these consequences flowing from the involutionary process of the Exioëhary, the fixation of various consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer in the common presences of these unfortunate terrestrial abstaining monks has become greatly facilitated and has in consequence increased.”