Study of Beelzebub's Tales




34 Russia


“Then our wise Mullah, without uttering a word, got up heavily and having taken me by the sleeve led me to the edge of the roof and then winking cunningly at me with his left eye, he turned my attention to a big ‘cavalcade’ which was rapidly galloping past and which consisted, as I later found out, chiefly of beings who are called ‘cossacks’ belonging to that same large community there, ‘Russia.’


“In the center of this large ‘cavalcade’ there rolled by what is called a ‘Russian phaeton,’ harnessed with four horses driven by an unusually fat and ‘imposing-looking’ coachman. This imposing exterior, also quite Russian in manner, was due to the pads put in corresponding parts under his clothes. In this phaeton sat two beings, one of the type of that country Persia, and the other, a typical what is called ‘Russian general.’