Study of Beelzebub's Tales




33 Beelzebub as Professional Hypnotist


“But as regards the said impulse, love-of-kind, which led me to seek for a new means of bringing your favorites into such a state which had already become proper to them—this arose in me and gradually became dominant in me for a while chiefly because, during these therapeutic activities of mine, ordinary three-brained beings there belonging to all castes, here, there, and everywhere, soon began to love and esteem me and to consider me almost as one sent to them from Above to help them to deliver themselves from their pernicious habits; in short, they began to manifest toward me their most sincere, almost genuine being-impulse of ‘Oskolnikoo’ or as they themselves say ‘thankfulness’ and ‘gratitude.’


“This being-Oskolnikoo or gratitude was manifested towards me not only by those I saved and by those nearest to them, but by almost everybody who had been in this or another way in contact with me or who had heard of me, but only with the exception of those professionals among them who were their physicians.