Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“Before talking to you about the manner in which the cosmic substances entering into beings as their first being-food are transformed in them for the purposes of the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, and which enter into three-brained beings—if they have a certain kind of attitude towards this process—also for the coating and the perfecting of their own higher parts, it is necessary for you to bear in mind, for a clear representation of these processes, that in our Megalocosmos—from results which have already flowed from every kind of Trogoautoegocratic process—there are many hundreds of independent ‘active elements’ with various specific subjective properties which take part in new formations.


“These many hundreds of ‘active elements’ with various properties wherever they might be, proceeding from the seven Stopinders of the fundamental common-cosmic Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, are—depending upon the Stopinder from which they received their primordial arising—divided and localized, according to what is called the ‘affinity of vibrations,’ into seven what are called ‘Okhtapanatsakhnian classes.’ And all without exception of both the large and small already definite concentrations in all our Megalocosmos are formed from these active elements belonging to seven independent classes, and, as I have already told you, they have their own subjective properties.


“And these subjective properties of theirs and likewise their what are called ‘proportions of vivifyingness’ are actualized firstly, according to what form of functioning of the fifth Stopinder of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh was flowing during their arising, and secondly, whether the given active elements arise owing to the conscious intention on the part of some independent individual, or whether they arose automatically, merely owing to the second-grade law called ‘Attraction-and-Fusion-of-Similarities.’


“Well then, these same many hundreds of definite active elements belonging to seven different ‘Okhtapanatsakhnian-classes’ and having seven different subjective properties—among which the properties of ‘vivifyingness’ and ‘decomposition’ have supreme significance—compose in their totality the fundamental common-cosmic Ansanbaluiazar, by which the Most Great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat is actualized—the true Savior from the law-conformable action of the merciless Heropass.


“It is necessary to tell you also that the first appearance of every kind of concentration from the Etherokrilno which is found everywhere in the Universe owing to the second-grade cosmic law, the Attraction-and-Fusion-of-Similarities, proceeds in the following manner:


“If particles of Etherokrilno which are already found in the different spheres of all seven Stopinders of the fundamental ‘common-cosmic Ansanbaluiazar’ collide for some reason or another, they begin the arising of all kinds of ‘crystallizations’ which do not yet have any subjective properties, and furthermore if these particles of Etherokrilno fall for some reason or other into conditions where a process of ‘Harnel-miatznel’ proceeds, they fuse into one, and owing to the what are called ‘complex-vibrations’ acquired in them, are transformed into active elements already with definite specific properties.


“And if thereafter these already definite active elements with their own specific-subjective properties enter into other processes of ‘Harnel-miatznel’ which have other conditions, they again fuse with each other according to the same law of ‘affinity of vibrations,’ and thus acquiring other properties, are transformed into active elements of another ‘Okhtapanatsakhnian class,’ and so on and so forth.


“And that is why there are in our Megalocosmos so many independent active elements with their different specific subjective properties.