Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“I once told you that there is localized in the head of each one of them as well as in us a concentration of corresponding cosmic substances, all the functioning of which exactly corresponds to all those functions and purposes which our Most Most Holy Protocosmos has, and fulfills, for the whole of the Megalocosmos.


“This localization, which is concentrated in their head, they call the ‘head-brain.’ The separate, what are called ‘Okaniaki’ or ‘protoplasts’ of this localization in their head, or, as the terrestrial learned call them, the ‘cells-of-the-head-brain,’ actualize for the whole presence of each of them exactly such a purpose as is fulfilled at the present time by the ‘higher-perfected-bodies’ of three-brained beings from the whole of our Great Universe, who have already united themselves with the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute or Protocosmos.


“When these higher parts of three-brained beings, who are perfected to the corresponding gradation of objective Reason, get there, they fulfill precisely that function of the Okaniaki or ‘cells-of-the-head-brain,’ for which function, as I have already said, our UNI-BEING COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS condescended at the creation of the now existing World, to decide to use for the future those coatings who obtain independent Individuality in the Tetartocosmoses, as an aid for Himself in the administration of the enlarging world.