Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“Afterwards when the beings who had learned this secret—the principle of the action of which was called ‘Ksvaznell’ or ‘inciting one against the other’—initiated the other heads of his community into it, and they all made it the basis of their ‘policy’; then, indeed the beings of this community began everywhere and in everything to obtain predominance.


“Although both the former heads of the beings of this community and also that being himself who had hit upon the secret Ksvaznell, already long ago perished, yet subsequent generations—continuing now of course automatically to employ this ‘secret’—gradually not only took into their own hands almost the whole of this Gemchania, but also subordinated to their influence the very essence of all the beings breeding on that part of the planet Earth.


“In spite of the fact that two centuries had passed, yet at that period to which my further tale refers concerning the destruction by contemporary beings of the labors of Saint Lama, it all continued in the same way.


“Having become proud of their success, the recent heads of that mentioned European community who had the luck, thanks to this same secret Ksvaznell alone, gradually to subordinate all to their influence and to grasp everything into their hands, wished to lay their ‘paws’ even on that which had until then been considered unattainable.


“Namely, they decided to take possession of also that neighboring country called Tibet which was then considered to be inaccessible; and therefore, one day—for them, fine, but for all the rest of the beings of that planet a sorry day—they assembled many beings of their community and still more from among the number of small local communities already conquered by them, and with the help of every possible new invention of their contemporary ‘European civilization’ for the process of reciprocal destruction, they began very quietly to move towards this country hitherto considered inaccessible.