Study of Beelzebub's Tales




34 Russia


“When, in one of the intervals between the dynasties of these Egyptian Pharaohs or kings, there proceeded in Egypt a process such as this contemporary Bolshevism, the chief committee of the ‘revolutionaries’ announced to all the population of that country among other things, that ‘elections’ would soon begin for the chiefs of the large and small points of theirs, or as they say ‘towns’ and ‘villages,’ and that these elections would proceed on the following principles:


“Those were to be elected as chiefs for the towns and villages who would put in their ‘sacred’ vessels more of what are called ‘kroahns’ than others; a kroahn was the name given then in Egypt to sacrificial offerings.


“The point is that, according to what is called the ‘religion’ of the beings of this country, it was the custom among others during ‘religious ceremonies’ which proceeded in special places to put before each ordinary being who went to these ceremonies special ‘clay vessels,’ so that each ordinary being there had to put into these sacred vessels each time after the utterances of certain prayers, vegetables or fruit specially designated for the given day.

“Well, these ‘worthy’ things for offering as sacrifices were then called kroahns. In all probability this ‘manipulation’ was devised by the ‘theocrats’ of that time as a profitable item for the welfare of their, as they are called, ‘sycophants.’


“In that decree about which I have just told you, it was stated that on that occasion kroahns had to consist of the eyes of ‘outcasts,’ by which word the ordinary three-brained beings there called those beings behind their backs who belonged to the caste of the ruling class, by which name then all the beings of this caste ‘wholesale’ were called without excluding the beings of the ‘passive half,’ children or old folk.


“Further in this announcement it was stated that he who would have on the day of the elections the most kroahns in his sacred vessel would be appointed as chief of the whole of Egypt, and in the remaining towns and villages those would be appointed as chiefs who in their sacred vessels had the correspondingly greatest number of kroahns.


“You may picture to yourself, my boy, what on that day began to be accomplished everywhere in that Egypt, in order to have in their sacred vessels the greatest number of eyes of the beings who belonged in that period of the flow of time to the caste of the ruling class.