Study of Beelzebub's Tales




32 Hypnotism


“And from then on, such a means of curing was called by them ‘hypnotic cure,’ and those beings who were occupied with this means of curing, ‘physician-hypnotists.’

“The question as to what this state of theirs is and why it obtains in them remains an open one for them even up till now, and reply to it they cannot.


“This branch of their science has perhaps come to be for them more maleficent than the fantastic inventions of the ancient Hellenic fishermen and of the contemporary beings of the community Germany.


“Thanks merely to this branch of their science, there was acquired in the psyche of the ordinary beings of this ill-fated planet several still new forms of what are called ‘being-Kalkali,’ that is, ‘essential strivings’ which became cast into forms of definite ‘teachings’ existing there under the names of ‘Anoklinism,’ ‘Darwinism,’ ‘anthroposophism,’ ‘theosophism,’ and many others under names also ending with ‘ism,’ thanks to which even those two data of their presences, which still helped them to be at least a little as it is becoming to three-centered beings to be, finally disappeared in them.


“And these essential data which have until recently been in them engendered in them the being-impulses they called ‘patriarchality’ and ‘religiousness.’


“This branch of their contemporary science was the cause not only of the acquiring by their common presences of several further new maleficent Kalkali, but it was also the cause of the derangement in many of them of the, without this, abnormal functioning of their psyche, which to their great misfortune was already long before this disharmonized up to the degree of what is called ‘Alnokhoorian cacophony.’