Study of Beelzebub's Tales




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“This holy planet is not only the center of the concentrations of the results of the functioning of all that exists, but it is also now the best, richest, and most beautiful of all the planets of our Universe.


“When we were there, you probably noticed that we always saw and sensed that from there all the space of our Great Universe or, as your favorites would say, all the ‘skies’ reflected, as it were, the radiance which recalls the radiance of the famous and incomparable ‘Almacornian turquoise.’ Its atmosphere is always pure like the ‘phenomenal-Sakrooalnian-crystal.’


“Everywhere there, every individual with all his presence senses ‘everything external,’ ‘Iskoloonizinernly,’ or as your favorites would say ‘blissfully-delightfully.’


“Although this Holy Planet is indeed the very best in every respect, as you have seen yourself, and everything on its exterior is exclusively of such a kind that it is always perceived by each independent Individual, as I have already said, ‘Iskoloonizinernly,’ that is ‘beautifully-delightfully,’ yet to those perfected higher being-bodies existing there this is of no account, since they are always deeply absorbed in their intense work in purifying themselves from those undesirable elements which have entered their presences from causes totally foreign to their individuality.