Study of Beelzebub's Tales




32 Hypnotism


“The first fact is, that from the time when owing to their abnormal existence there began to be formed in them what is called the ‘two-system-Zoostat,’ that is, two independent consciousnesses, then Great Nature began gradually to adapt Herself and finally adapted Herself to this, that after they arrive at a certain age, there begin to proceed in them two ‘Inkliazanikshanas’ of different what are called ‘tempos,’ that is, as they themselves would say, two ‘blood circulations’ of different kind.


“From this certain age mentioned, each one of these ‘Inkliazanikshanas’ of different tempo, that is to say each ‘blood circulation,’ begins to evoke in them the functioning of one of their mentioned consciousnesses; and vice versa, the intensive functioning of either consciousness begins to evoke in them the kind of blood circulation corresponding to it.


“The difference between these two independent kinds of blood circulation in their common presences is actualized by means of what is called ‘tempo-Davlaksherian-circulation,’ or, according to the expression there of what is called contemporary medicine, the ‘difference-of-the-filling-of-the-blood-vessels’; that is to say, in the condition of the waking state, the ‘center-of-gravity-of-the-blood-pressure’ in their common presences obtains in one part of the general system of blood vessels, and in the condition of the passive state, in another part of the vessels.