Study of Beelzebub's Tales




42 Beelzebub in America


“In order that you may better evaluate the significance of this invention of those contemporary beings breeding on the continent America, and which is, as it were, the real outcome of contemporary civilization, I do not consider it superfluous to inform you also of the methods of preserving several other products for a long time, which methods are now in use among the beings of the continent Asia.

“Such, for instance, is the method of preparing what is called ‘Haoorma,’ a particularly favorite product of the beings of many groups of the continent Asia.


“This Haoorma on the continent Asia is prepared in a very simple manner, namely, small pieces of well-roasted meat are tightly packed into ‘earthenware jars’ or goatskin ‘Boordooks.’ (A Boordook is the skin stripped in a special manner from the being called ‘goat.’)


“The beings of the continent Asia use this Haoorma either cold or heated up.