Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“And so, my boy, in consequence of the fact that that period of time coincided with that ‘particularly sharp functioning’ which I already once mentioned, of the strange reason of these three-brained beings pleasing to you—in the sense of the periodic ‘Ekbarzerbazia’ which had long been an inherent need for them ‘to-lead-into-error-beings-around-them-similar-to-themselves’—at which period, many of them strove to be called ‘learned,’ of course, of ‘new format,’ and also on account of the fact that at that time there were many such beings among the mentioned ordinary beings around them, then they ‘inserted’ for transmission to subsequent generations, in most of the notes and expressions of those stories of the witnesses about this sacred process, such ‘absurdities’ that in addition to this indubitable information, that Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross, and that after the crucifixion He was buried, they also proved just as convincingly that after His crucifixion and burial, Jesus Christ was resurrected and continued to exist among them and to teach this and that, and only afterwards did He raise Himself with His planetary body to Heaven.