Study of Beelzebub's Tales




41 The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov


“‘This material is woven specially from the fibers of the plant “Chaltandr” and has its natural color.


“‘This plant Chaltandr is one of the rare formations on the Earth, the color of which not only does not have the ability to change the vibrations of other nearby sources, but is itself completely indifferent to all other vibrations.


“‘That is why for my experiments concerning vibrations arising not from color but from other causes, I especially ordered just this material and made out of it, for the whole of this underground space, something like a large “tent” and so adapted it that it could be moved in any direction and given any form desired.


“‘And with this peculiar tent I am now carrying out my experiments, namely, those experiments which I call “architectural.” And these architectural experiments are now making clear to me just which interiors—and to what extent—act harmfully upon people and upon animals.


“‘These architectural experiments have already fully convinced me not only that the size and the general interior form of a place have indeed an enormous influence on people and animals, but also that all interior what are called curves, angles, projections, breaks in the walls, and many other things producing a change in the vibrations proceeding in the atmosphere of the place, always contribute to change for better or for worse the subjective vibrations of the people and animals there.’