Study of Beelzebub's Tales




38 Religion


“That is why, my boy, in the given case also they could not ponder at least only about the fact that, when this Sacred Individual Jesus Christ was actualized among them and when this same existing Holy Writ of theirs was compiled, so many definite words were not used by beings similar to these compilers as are used at the present time.


“They do not consider that at that period ‘being-mentation’ among the beings of this planet was still nearer to that normal mentation, which in general is proper to be present among three-brained beings, and that at that time the transmission of ideas and thoughts was in consequence still what is called ‘Podobnisirnian,’ or, as it is still otherwise said ‘allegorical.’


“In other words, in order to explain to themselves, or to any others, some act or other, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth then referred to the understanding of similar acts which had already formerly occurred among them.


“But, meanwhile, this also now proceeds in them according to the principle called ‘Chainonizironness.’


“And this first proceeded there because, thanks as always to the same abnormally established conditions of ordinary existence, their being-mentation began to proceed without any participation of the functioning of their what are called ‘localizations of feeling,’ or according to their terminology ‘feeling center,’ chiefly in consequence of which this mentation of theirs finally became automatized.


“And hence, during all this time, in order to have the possibility of even approximately making clear to themselves or explaining anything to anyone, they were themselves automatically compelled and continue to be compelled to invent very many almost nonsignificant names for things and also words for ideas, great and small; and therefore the process of their mentation began little by little to proceed, as I have already said, according to the principle ‘Chainonizironness.’